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Yahoo! wants to KickStart a social network (Download Squad)

Aug 31st 2007 6:38PM Facebook probably can implement this idea more easily than starting a whole new network. Except then one will have to delete all the drunken night pictures.

Download Squad's invite-a-palooza: the finale (Download Squad)

Aug 6th 2007 12:32PM I will like one, please. (Here too, sorry if it is a double post)

Microsoft bring us the Beginner Developer Learning Centre (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2007 12:29AM Ya, Express editions have been out for a few years now.

Steve Jobs puts damper on iTunes subscription rumor (Download Squad)

Apr 27th 2007 9:31AM I would have actually have considered switching over to an iPod if they started a subscription service

New video site, FunnyOrDie.com (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2007 12:05AM I don't know if I like the 'God' joke....

Microsoft to offer DRM-free songs for Zune? (Download Squad)

Apr 5th 2007 11:15PM No, I think you are just paying for the right to infringe the copyright.

I kid, but that is what it sounds like.

iTunes to offer EMI tunes DRM-free (Download Squad)

Apr 2nd 2007 12:13PM They already did the press conference. The BBC link below:

Organizing school life with mySchoolog (Download Squad)

Mar 29th 2007 4:39PM I wish this app was around long ago. I stopped buying scheduler...goh I dont know when...and had not really found a good alternative....

Also downloadsqaud.com, it would be great if I dont have to go through my email everytime I put a comment.

Socializr, social event planning (Download Squad)

Mar 19th 2007 10:51PM Seriously, this is getting out of hand.
Just this past week, I think I must have read about almost 50 new web 2.0 apps just on here. I can remember may be 3. There are so many of them already that even the good ones get burried in the middle. It is cool to see something new everyday, but something practical and that can sell is even better.
Bring me the next eBay, Amazon or Yahoo. Ajax Please.