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Civilization V Contest: Win one of two Steam codes for Digital Deluxe version (Big Download)

Sep 26th 2010 9:48AM After being hooked on Civ 4 for so long, this might be a bad idea if I win this thing...

Halo PC and Mac owners to get a "visual flair" in Halo Reach (Big Download)

Aug 9th 2010 10:08AM I played the crap out of Halo Mac.

I'm glad Bungie is showing how they're really going back to their roots with Reach.

Swag Saturday: Toy Soldiers! (XBLA) (Joystiq)

Mar 7th 2010 7:37AM Power ranger weapons!

Contest: Win one of five Steam download codes for Zombie Driver (Big Download)

Dec 13th 2009 10:12AM I would like one very much.

Chrome OS like lightning from a USB key: we could get used to this (Engadget)

Nov 26th 2009 9:32AM If downloading the torrent is killing his site why not use the magnet link?


Valve sues Activision over 2002 royalty dispute (Joystiq)

May 1st 2009 6:27AM Yet another fine example of Activision being childish. What team was it that said when they switched from Activision to EA they said they're "working with adults now?"

Singularity spawns multiple screenshots, first trailer (Joystiq)

Feb 23rd 2009 6:00PM Did you /watch/ the video?

How to add Twitter and Facebook IM support to Pidgin for Windows (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2009 7:24PM I prefer Digsby because it has great stuff like this enabled by default.
And it's one of the only proper GMail notifiers for 64 bit VIsta.