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Entelligence: Will Surface ever surface? (Engadget)

Mar 18th 2010 7:29PM Microsoft assisted in putting in a major Surface installation for the National Gallery of Ireland a couple of months back - have a pretty good write up of it here with some shots of the Surface Tables in action. I had a wander around it just after it opened and it really does work very well in this sort of environment but I can't actually see it being any use at all at a consumer level. It might be very cool to have an interactive coffee table but it's not very useful in a home environment. I can see how it might have some uses in office\lab environments for collaborative work\interactive design but as it stands its not something I could ever see myself putting in my home.

O2's bringing the iPhone to Ireland on March 14th (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 28th 2008 1:03PM The rates are high for voice and sms services but the built in data allowance even on the lowest tariff is dramatically better than any other competing data tariff's in Ireland. The nearest equivalent from Vodafone Ireland offers a similar number of minutes but only 25Meg of data and a 5 per megabyte charge for any use over that. The small size of the Irish cell market has allowed the carriers to keep data charges at exorbitant levels and this offer from O2 is the first practical way to get a good data deal.
If you were to use the 1Gig allowance for example on a Vodafone contract here it would cost you almost 5k. Vodafone have a "Mobile Internet" offering that looks comparable but in reality the 500Meg data allowance that provides only allows access to a highly restricted Vodafone walled garden (e.g. you can't even access from it). 3 have a good mobile data package in theory but their traffic "management" also prevents many things one might reasonably expect to be able to do (like set up a third party e-mail client for example).
You can get much better data rates here for mobile data cards or if you have a business account but this is the first realistically priced mobile internet offering here in Ireland, even if it does appear expensive by the standards of more competitive markets.

Sony's 1/1.8-inch high-speed CMOS sensor outputs 60fps (Engadget)

Feb 19th 2007 5:45PM You need to realise that while this is a ~6Megapixel sensor, those 6.4Mega pixels need to be shared over all three colours. If you dig into this you will see that this is a very fine new sensor that supports Full HD (1080p) recording at 60fps, 720p at 60fps, plus has the ability to take ~3.6Megapixel full colour stills on the fly and supports some other minor resolutions\rates including the substantially lower resolution (0.75Megapixel) but ultra high speed 300fps mode.
For some more pure speculation I've run through the numbers here : .

How To: Transfer your PuTTY settings between computers (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2007 5:04PM Or
From the Start->Run Dialog enter the following.

regedit /e "%userprofile%\desktop\putty.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simontatham

to place a copy of the backup on your desktop.

Much much much quicker.