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Is the new MacBook Air eating into iPad sales? (TUAW.com)

Nov 14th 2010 9:43AM You are correct, but the gap gets closer as soon as you start realizing what you need to add to your iPad in order to be productive.

An OtterBox case to make the iPad rugged enough for everyday use is $80.
Keyboard is $70
iLife(ish) software total will be about $30.
WordProcessing software (free openoffice on MacBook) - $15

For students who were looking to buy a cheap, light productivity tool
the 64GB iPad (no 3G) runs a total $894. A MBA is only $949 for that same student. the difference is not as extreme. Trust me, I sold that very setup to buy a MBA on launch day.

Intel's SSD Toolbox, firmware update promise boost in performance (Engadget)

Oct 26th 2009 6:17PM It is looking like the toolbox is Windows only yes? I only found an .msi installer. Has anyone had luck running in VMware, or would it be best to pop the drive out and use it externally on a windows machine to run the toolbox?

TUAW and Scosche are giving away a tapSTICK for 3rd gen iPod shuffle (TUAW.com)

Oct 7th 2009 8:13AM I have never misplaced, but the little thing has hidden from me on several occasions; I think it is mocking me.

Engadget's recession antidote: win an OCZ Summit Series 60GB SSD! (Engadget)

Jul 17th 2009 10:17PM Oh please, oh please pick me!

TUAW Holiday Giveaway-tacular Part One: the active iPodder (TUAW.com)

Dec 24th 2008 3:39PM True story...
I dropped and kicked an iPod during a recent 5k race. I really needed this case that day.

TUAW Unboxes the new MacBook Pro (TUAW.com)

Oct 17th 2008 9:20AM I voted other... I bought a Refurb BlackBook a few weeks ago as soon as the firewire rumors became real(ish). I teach and use video a ton, and my MiniDV camera is firewire only.

One day, I will need a new MacBook, and I will have no choice to get a new one. Don't get me wrong, they are really purdy, but for $1099, I got excellent specs, firewire, and the (now collectors edition) black plastic body.

Redesign giveaway: HTC's new Shift UMPC (Engadget)

Apr 10th 2008 9:46PM I would leave comments and win umpcs!

iPhone developer rejection letter mass mailing (TUAW.com)

Mar 14th 2008 2:44PM I think he looks at pitures of his mother with that keyboard.

Win portable goodies for your Valentine (TUAW.com)

Feb 8th 2008 12:05PM My wife would love the 13" Dock, and I would love her to get me the iPhone grips so either would be grand.

Thanks Tuaw!

Apple relents, sanctions custom ringtones! (TUAW.com)

Dec 14th 2007 11:52AM Yeah! Thanks for sharing!