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Is Microsoft supporting Vista SP1 Upgrade Edition pirates? (Download Squad)

Apr 3rd 2008 4:55PM Isn't that exactly what professional 3d software companies (eg. 3d Studio Max) have been doing for decades?

Let Microsoft spy on you, get a free copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 5:43PM I like the bit in their FAQ that says "We do not intentionally collect sensitive information, such as the passwords...".

Another one bites the dust: Demonoid is dead (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2007 3:01PM I think what would be useful is a downloadsquad article on what happens to a site once it is shutdown... For example, do log files get shared or handed over? What happens to those downloaders who have been downloading files which, dare I say it, are pirated materials? In real terms, what are the risks of being caught? What precautions can be taken (besides not downloading, obviously)?

Win a copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2007 7:18AM If I win it will be happy asta la vista to Xp... (that's terrible - i'm sorry)