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8tracks music site adds easy genre filtering, still fantastic as ever (Download Squad)

Sep 7th 2010 6:28PM I love this site :) So easy to find some amazing music, so so simple, its like my music twitter!

YouTube offers rentals, turns on HTML5-only switch in TestTube (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2010 11:09AM Googles up to its usual tricks, the Opera build i'm running supports everything it needs, Opera has supported HTML5 video standards waaaaay before chrome was even released yet i get told by youtube i need a browser that support HTML5. I was a little suprised when they didn't use this chance to push chrome on me! Ha.

Millions of new Avast users will be offered Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Dec 5th 2009 9:15PM The google pack already offers chrome and firefox (with google toolbar), so they're way ahead of you ;)

Fugly Friday: Carnage UK, best viewed when drunk -- blind drunk (Download Squad)

Nov 27th 2009 12:59PM Carnage is famous in the UK for student nights out, they don't really need people finding them they just organise a massive cheap pub crawl in different cities and then tell every student in that city. Liverpool's carnage is literally carnage! The website doesn't really do it any favours i guess, but it's not as bad as you're making out :p

Wii update stops homebrew installs dead in their tracks (Engadget)

Oct 24th 2008 6:47AM Damn, i blindly updated yesterday, that my homebrew down for a while, i'm sure someone will work something out though...

Android on a Nokia N95 captured on video (Engadget)

Jun 18th 2008 9:31AM Hmmm, just smells of fake really....

How would you change Windows Home Server? (Engadget)

Nov 16th 2007 8:08PM How about some real RAID support that can be optionally turned on. Its based loosely off server 2003 that supports software RAID1,5 at least AFAIK. I'd love to use this as long as i knew i was using a sensible RAID option, i don't care about the fact that i could put extra disks of any size in later on...

Ask Engadget: Which mouse is the best mouse? (Engadget)

Nov 10th 2007 10:13AM I didn't mention the model, its the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 :)

Ask Engadget: Which mouse is the best mouse? (Engadget)

Nov 10th 2007 10:11AM I'd say best mouse is very subjective. It hugely depends what you want to do. Best might mean best value for money, it could mean best precision, it could me best portability etc...
For me my best mouse is part of the MS Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. It's bluetooth wireless and comes with a charding pad. I like it because i use a laptop as a desktop replacement, but i move it around a fair bit too. I like wirless mice but i don't want dongles sticking out waiting to be broken on my laptop. With this all i have to do is turn on bluetooth and away the mouse goes. It's definately NOT a gamers mouse, it can suffer from a little lag occasionaly, but for what i do with it, its perfect. Again like other wiseless mice i don't charge it for weeks, and i has a on/off button for when i'm travelling and don't fancy taking the charger. Very clever mouse and one of the first true decent bluetooth mice. I'm sure in the future there will be much better bluetooth mice but for the time being this is it!

The hundred gadget giveaway, grand prize round: Nikon D40 DSLR (Engadget)

Sep 14th 2007 3:48PM It would be sweet if i won this, really get my photography off to a flying start!