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Windows Phone 7 goes gold master, begins rolling out to partners for final launch preparations (Engadget)

Sep 1st 2010 4:35PM It is a Kin with a Silverlight SDK. I played with this at BlogHer and while yes it will gain some traction because Microsoft will sink millions into a campaign that will not involve a creepy, pasty womean ao it will do better than the Pre, it is still a clunky light years behind phone that would have beej cuttinng edge... 3 years ago. Those that have moved on to Android or even the iPhone will have no reason to look back.

Verizon says original Droid 'doesn't have the hardware' to support a mobile hotspot (Engadget)

Aug 2nd 2010 5:08PM Honestly, if this comes without tethering, then I will expect a class action lawsuit. When the Droid was released, VZW promised the ability to tether "in early 2010" If the hardware doesn't exist in the phone, then this amounts to fraud.


Augen's $150 Android tablet hits Kmart circular, coming to stores later this week (Engadget)

Jul 27th 2010 3:39PM Am I the only one looking at this thing and wondering if it has 2.1 why the screenshot icons are Cupcake instead of Eclair?

Motorola Flipout spotted: an Android 2.1 / Motoblur device with a twist (Engadget)

May 11th 2010 8:21AM @JFH What is worse than that is that at least the Nokia Twist didn't require a data plan. It was for the texting crowd and cheap phone plans. This thing will require a full data plan... for what??? You are going to browse the web on this? Don't think so!

Thus in the end, like the Kin, it will try to straddle the Feature Phone / SmartPhone line and fail because it won't be good enough for the SmartPhone crowd and too expensive for the texting crowd. End Game.

AT&T's de la Vega: HSPA+ coming 'in certain locations' (Engadget)

Mar 15th 2010 10:41PM "...really dump unheard-of levels of cash into the network when they're good and ready"

bwahahahahahahahaha... That is a good one! How about asking 3/4 of the at&t customers how much they love their "good enough" EDGE service and ask them how much at&t customers are benefitting from the rollout of "faster" speeds.

Motorola Devour goes hands-on, hits Best Buy for $99 this week (update: video!) (Engadget)

Feb 23rd 2010 5:47PM @Bingi And you get the lousy T-Mobile Service to go with that lower price. Now I realize that for some people the status symbol of a phone is more important that the actually functionality of their network, but for me, I am willing to "pay up" for Verizon so that I know I am going to have service when I want it, rather than paying T-Mobile prices and dealing with all those dropped calls.

Google Listen: Podcast manager, search engine for Android (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2010 3:52PM Listen has some great ideas, but it is as this point, at this point along with the facts that TheWoj mentions and more, it is just painful to use on any regular basis for more than one or two podcasts.

The search feature is nice... but it needs to learn to manage what I ask it to actually manage first.

Verizon advertising says Droid is for men, Pre is for women (video) (Engadget)

Feb 5th 2010 9:27AM Verizon "targeted" the Droid to men... it didn't mean women didn't buy it. They may "target" the Pre at women... but that doesn't mean it will only be purchased by women. They are however, targeting a certain mindset and niche... one that while not overtly "targeted" has become a solid niche for Blackberry.... the "Soccer Mom" or "Mommy Blogger" (or dare I say... Stepford Wife). There is a solid niche of these women, that *expect* to be catered to with a good device... they are not the "air-headed, tiara wearing princesses" that buy a device "targeted" at women by being pink (if anything they revolt against pink), but are looking for something that "understands" them.

Is this a smart tact to take? Well, only time (and whether or not Palm survives) will be able to tell us for sure. As for Palm's "reputation"... well... right now they don't honestly have one. Let us be honest, the Pre, whether it is because of the fact that they were exclusive to Sprint, has a keyboard that feels like you are typing on gummi bears, or something else, has NOT be lighting the world on fire. If it can grab the imagination of a niche, it just might be enough to keep Palm going long enough to get the WebOS into another (larger screen?) device.

Motorola will 'broaden the scope' of Blur, sell a phone through Google this year (Engadget)

Jan 29th 2010 9:36AM @IT expert Most people (I think) thought of the Nexus One all wrong. It never was the "Ultimate Device" that people were expecting, and in typical Google fashion, version 1.0 (or in their world the first Beta) is where they learn what they can and can't do, and go from there. (The big difference, in the past, their betas were FREE so it didn't matter, this time, there is consumer expense involved). The store, more than the phone was the "product" they are bringing... and it will evolve over the next couple of years. In Apple terms... this is a "hobby" that they (can afford to) fund without worrying about it being a blockbuster out of the gate.

Motorola will 'broaden the scope' of Blur, sell a phone through Google this year (Engadget)

Jan 29th 2010 9:27AM @yyandrew Why??? It is no worse than Sense, and certainly better than TouchWiz. (Granted, I would never buy a phone with any of the 3rd Party alternate homes that bog down the phone... but I am clearly alone on this).