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Jajah is an incredible phone-to-phone VoIP service (Download Squad)

Sep 8th 2010 12:25PM I have always liked Jajah, even though its been a while since i've used it. Great customer support. Glad they are still kicking around! They have a lot of competition from Skype, and especially Google, I wonder whats in the works?

Jajah, any hints?

Googleholic for July 8, 2008 (Download Squad)

Jul 8th 2008 10:38PM Google has opened up Lively... Second Life competition? http://www.lively.com

Undress TinyUrl links with Greasemonkey script (Download Squad)

Dec 31st 2007 3:25PM And those hackers thought they could sneak us links...This is sooo cool! Thanks Romeo!

Sync Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs using DocSyncer (Download Squad)

Dec 20th 2007 3:47PM What? There is no such thing as "Micorosoft Office"? LOL
Thanks MadScientist17, I got into the spiked "eggnog" a little early i guess.

LinkedIn gets a beta facelift and developer platform (Download Squad)

Dec 10th 2007 5:48PM I would have to agree @james 42 , i would like to see LinkedIn remain as a business specific network, and Facebook remain as a friends network. But, its what the users want, and Facebook users are making it into a business location, so what choice does LinkedIn have really? Other than to offer some "Facebooky" features.

Divshare for sale, is your online media safe? (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2007 7:16PM Its too bad to see DivShare change hands, they have made some really nice developments in the past little while. Who knows, could work out better. But the question remains, why not shop it around to the big boys before posting it on a forum?

Hulu private beta launches (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2007 2:01PM ya, too bad the videos are blocked in certain regions and countries. good luck hulu.

Blackberry gets Facebook'd (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2007 7:29PM michael - yes, well so do a ton of other users! The iPhone is the hot device out now, so of course it gets all the attention. Hopefully with all that cash that Facebook got they will dump some into developing specialized apps for all platforms.

Blackberry gets Facebook'd (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2007 5:00PM michael - You can always access http://iphone.facebook.com from any device. That should work nicely too!

Gmail gets IMAP (Download Squad)

Oct 23rd 2007 9:33PM Why does Google tease people by only releasing these kinds of features randomly?