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PayPal will let you buy stuff on sites that don't accept PayPal (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2007 12:19PM Nothing really new here...? My mom has set up a "Paypal" checking account, which is linked with PayPal/Ebay - for protection purposes....it's got only like 20 bucks in it, and she deposits more as she makes purchases.

She also uses it for other online retailers.

Blogger infections (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2007 12:14PM Nothing new....I dont think it's a "hack" or exploit...Windows users are most likely to be infected by malware/viruses, and one of the payloads of these greeting cards, halloween dancers, funny kittens, etc. greeting cards I believe, is to send messages to every address in the user(s) address book....well, what's more convenient than to have your blogspot e-mail address in your Windows addressbook? :) So, the malware essentially sends the spam link to their blogspot address, posting it to their blog...

I've been reporting these splogs as I find them to http://spamvertised.abusebutler.com/blogspot.php and also "flag" the blog using the header navbar on the blogspot blogs.

There's also a hidden splog report form somewhere on the blogger/blogspot/google domain...but I think Andy over at AbuseButler mass-submits the splog URLs :)

More Google Books news (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2007 11:09PM This sounds great.....I wish more text book companies (Thompson Learning, are you listening?! Shelly Cashman, are you listening?! hehehe) would offer electronic book downloads.....

I mean, think about it, I'm going for a technical field, and I gotta pay for these over-priced text books that the teachers rarely use.

Yes, I'm aware of amazon.com, half.com, bigwords.com, cheaptextbooks.com, ebay.com - but shipping is the big thing...

Would be soooo much more convenient if I could download a text book in digital format.

Microsoft Tafiti: Silverlight is pretty but doesn't really help you search (Download Squad)

Aug 22nd 2007 9:25PM eh....Im not really into the page, but what the ... I'll download and install yet another platform, cause I'm sure it'll soon be popping up across the web within a couple weeks...hehe.

Is JavaScript slowing down the web? (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2007 10:38PM Try gmail (I use(d) HTTPS version.....). Start with "Web Clips" enabled, and "standard with chat" enabled.

Surf around your mailbox a little bit.

Now, go and disable Web Clips, and switch to standard without chat (or hell, why not basic HTML? hehe) - surf around your inbox.

It should be speedier...it was for me anyways :) Though, if you go the drastic route of plain HTML, be warned, there is no more "Auto-complete" for composing e-mail to addresses....hehe.

smplr: A start page for search (Download Squad)

Aug 16th 2007 12:12PM yubnub, with a Vista-esque layout/theme?... :P

mmmm, it sounded good in the review, but meh, Im not impressed ;)

Googleholic for August 14th 2007 (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2007 1:56PM I wish Google Answers would come back, yea, I never used it, but I did find some answers on that site.

They should have just made it more community oriented, ala Live QnA, etc.

Google Video kills paid downloads and your video collection (Download Squad)

Aug 12th 2007 9:19AM Aren't there tools and such that can "download" google videos? Sure, it's probably not too legal...but it'll suffice? :)

Googleholic for August 10th 2007 (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2007 11:03PM http://venturebeat.com.nyud.net:8080/2007/08/09/is-google-going-after-monstercom/

Since the other link is broke :) It's also available via google cache.

BTW, does "Remember Me" work for ANYONE? Its not working for me...