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Google Talk Review (Download Squad)

Aug 24th 2005 9:00AM Download link:

Thurrott: Boycott IE7 (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2005 4:54PM As much as I enjoy reading Thurrott's articles, it's clear that doesn't know much about web standards or CSS. Acid2 is mostly about pointless error handling (i.e. is '<-- - - --!>' a comment or not?) not about real life problems. There is not a browser today that passes this pointless test, although Apple's Safari developer (Hyatt) did write some code for Safari that passes it (though Safari 2.0(?) is not yet available) and nither Opera, nor Firefox have any plans on passing it anytime soon (Firefox 2.0 will supposedly pass it). A good read is Hyatt's blog where he described every step he needed to make for Safari to pass it. That said, the IE team is working really hard on fixing CSS bugs and implementing new features. I kind of agree with Kent here, no matter what these guys do, nothing is enough. I don't see anyone going crazy just because Firefox 1.5 won't pass it...

Rumor: Windows Vista to Include Sidebar? (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2005 4:45PM @Jose: IIRC the sidebar interface is controlled via XAML so it's entirely open for everyone to use. I kind of believe this rumor, because if you watch that Vista promo video (or whatever that was) it looks like the sidebar is also on the desktop.

Browser tip of the day: Faster Firefox Builds (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2005 8:26PM I _seriously_ doubt that a build optimized for AMD to use SSE would be slower. It might not be faster but definently not slower.

Latest Google Maps hack: will you survive when the bomb hits? (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2005 12:07AM That's pretty cool. A modern nuclear ballistic missile such as the Triden II has 8 workheads each capable of doing 100 KT. If all eight of them would hit New York there's not much it would stay of NY. Now imagine a modern submarine carries at least 24 of these missiles.

MyProgs brings social bookmarking to your software collections (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2005 9:38AM Looks good, but there aren't many users yet. Not really the same as, but Stumble Upon is a also nice (