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Omnibox Site Search for Chrome googles your current website (Download Squad)

Mar 28th 2011 12:16PM Or, you could do a normal Google search using the site: operator. Just put the site: operator at the end of the search terms

ex: Omnibox site:downloadsquad.com

Google Chrome beta update brings faster JavaScript, GPU acceleration, Web app backgrounding (Download Squad)

Feb 19th 2011 1:49PM @aj.zapata I've been using the 10.x beta versions without problems up until now. But I installed this latest version and had repeated crashes of the Flash, Shockwave, and AdBlock+ extensions. I even had Chrome crash completely once. So I switched back to the previous version (10.0.612.1). Note that I use the portable version of Chrome (from portableapps.com)

Anyone else been having problems with the latest version crashing a lot?

GMail becomes even more like a local app with drag-and-drop image attachment (Download Squad)

May 12th 2010 8:38PM Does anyone else have trouble with email messages that have lots of images in them. More often than not, half the images don't load in the email I get.

Palm pulls the plug on PalmOS (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2009 7:57PM I have some extra sylii for the Treo 650, if you're interested...

Add-Art is an ad blocker and an art show in one (Download Squad)

Feb 6th 2009 12:48PM OK, so I can replace the clutter and unnecessary bandwidth usage of downloading ads, with clutter and unnecessary bandwidth usage of downloading art? Um... no thanks.

Wavexpress retires TVTonic online video service (Download Squad)

Nov 26th 2008 6:29PM I was surprised to see a notice when I fired up TVTonic last night (I use it on Windows XP Media Center).

I'm glad I can still use it with RSS feeds. I watch CNET shows, the Onion, and other sources via RSS, so I'll continue to use it for now (otherwise I may switch to using Miro).

Help! How do I tidy up a disorganized hard drive? (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 11:53PM I haven't tried Locate32, but recently I started using "Everything" for file searches.

It's great for searching by file name/type (instead of contents within the file). It's extremely fast at searching, and does not require building a huge index, since it uses NTFS built in file information. Therefore the index is very small, and is built very quickly. (The catch is that it only works on NTFS file systems). According to the FAQ, a clean XP install can be indexed in about 1 second, and a million files will be indexed in about a minute. On my system, I have about half a million files indexed into a tiny 2 MB database.

I've used Google Desktop and X1 in the past and I liked both (I preferred X1), but they both required lots of time and disk space to build the index (if you want to index everything, which I did). They could also be CPU hogs at times. I found that most of the time, I didn't need to search by text within a file, just the file name would suffice (or something like "all jpg files within a certain directory tree"). For this "Everything" is fantastic. You can using simple wildcards, or more complex regular expressions. Also, it has a built-in web server, which is great for searching from another machine.

As others have mentioned, I also use TreeSize, Windirstat, and also JDiskReport, depending on how I want to visualize the disk space usage.

Microsoft to replace FolderShare with Windows Live Sync (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 2:45PM Joshua, Jason and anyone else who can answer...

If you sync multiple PCs on the same local network, is FolderShare smart enough to do a direct (p2p) transfer on the internal network, or does the syncing ocurr over the internet (i.e. outside your LAN)? I've been curious about this, but have never tried it.

Microsoft to replace FolderShare with Windows Live Sync (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 2:43PM Like many others here, I've used FolderShare for years. However, at the moment, I'm only using one PC, so there's not much point to FolderShare. I've been trying Mesh, to backup certain folders to the web, (but again, since I'm just using 1 PC, I haven't really tested the syncing part of it).

One important feature of FolderShare that I haven't seen mentioned above, is that when you have it installed, you can also access ANY files on your PC via the web. This is separate from the syncing ability - FolderShare actually lets you browse your computer and access any files (on any attached drive), whether they are part of your syncing setup or not.