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Barack Obama a Profile in Courage -- Even If He's Wrong on Health Care (Politics Daily)

Mar 24th 2010 9:15AM Results? You want results? Wait until November. The result will be tha Democrats will lose control of Congress and eventually the Supreme Court will strike down this unconstitutional nightmare. Americans will take back our country. Mark my words...

Dating Dilemma -- Should a Man Take the Curb Side of the Sidewalk? (Lemondrop)

Mar 16th 2010 4:20PM I was taught to walk curb side, but after about 1985, I was informed that a man should now walk on the inside, to protect the woman from a mugger jumping out of an alley or dark doorway. But then, I live in a big city.

American Apparel Looking for the World's Best Butt (Asylum)

Mar 2nd 2010 9:56AM Keyra...duh. Look up Keyra and win.

Chris Matthews MSNBC: 'I Forgot Obama Was Black for an Hour' (BV Black Spin)

Jan 28th 2010 11:46PM Typical double standard at work here once again. Dr. Watkins makes valid points in his article, but misses some important ones. First, he tiptoed around but refused to actually state the obvious truth about Chris Mathews: HE'S A RACIST! He's also a blind fool like all other liberals because he refuses to admit that allowing Democrats to take over 2/3 of our gov't was One Big Ass Mistake. If any white President declared he was "proud to be a white man", he would be declared a racist and totally discredited. I mean let's get real, Obama called his grandmother a "typical white person" and said that McCain was going to try to get people not to vote for him because he "didn't look like all the other Presidents on the money". Hello, can you say blatant hypocrisy?

Barney Frank Rips Reporter: 'That's the Stupidest Thing I've Been Asked in a Long Time' (Politics Daily)

Jan 14th 2010 9:46PM Vickie,

You, Barney and the rest of the Demosocialists are delusional. Keep drinking the Obama kool aid, you'll be okay.

Barney Frank Rips Reporter: 'That's the Stupidest Thing I've Been Asked in a Long Time' (Politics Daily)

Jan 14th 2010 9:41PM Barney sure knows a thing or two about stupid statements. In July 2008, Rep Frank is on video stating that he had confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's financial footing and was confident in their ability to stay profitable going forward. In September of that year Fannie and Freddie had to be put in conservatership and has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to date.

Drink-Spiking Is Largely a Myth (Asylum)

Jul 17th 2009 3:52PM I'm a guy and had a drink spiked in an upscale NYC bar. She managed to get me to my hotel before I passed out (after just three beers and a big meal and I'm 6'3' - 230 lbs., so no, I wasn't drunk) She robbed me, but luckily I awoke about 8 hours later, cancelled my credit card and crashed for another 9 hours. When I made a police report, they had pics of the woman and told me she had drugged more than two dozen guys in the past month. It does happen and women aren't the only victims of drink-spiking. Lesson learned., Never leave your drink unattended.

President Obama Attacks FOX News (Politics Daily)

Jun 19th 2009 5:41PM FOX is the only media outlet that's asking Obama and the Dems ANY tough questions. The slobbering love affair between him and the rest of the biased media is sickening. If you want to hear the rest of the story about Dems and Repubs, watch FOX. Everybody else is just fooling you.

Microsoft releases Desktops, new virtual desktop manager (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2008 11:23AM sucks. good job making firefox 3 not work with this app Microsoft.

Don't think the Firefox 3 "awesome bar" is awesome? Here's how to disable it. (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2008 2:51PM In Opera (which has a similar AnnoyingBar), go to "opera:config" and find "Addressbar Content Search" and uncheck it, hit save, and relief.