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Google Maps 5.0 for Android introduces 3D maps and offline mode (Download Squad)

Dec 17th 2010 10:25AM offline function is nice though.

Google Maps 5.0 for Android introduces 3D maps and offline mode (Download Squad)

Dec 17th 2010 9:50AM Performance wasn't that greatly improved, well that I can tell.

How to move the Firefox or Chrome cache to a RAM disk and speed up surfing by 20% or more (Download Squad)

Nov 19th 2010 1:35PM It is tidbits like this that keep me coming back to DLS. Thanks for this one. I used to have instructions for how to do this manually but that was back in the w95/NT4 days and I only used it for one thing.
Google results for how to do this weren't all that successful (didn't know the keywords to use). This app solves that problem and it appears that it's got some extra goodies in there too. Remembering/Reviving an old trick for new purposes makes Power Users smile...
Nice find and thanks for sharing!

Get Android on your iPad with OpeniBoot in the near future (Download Squad)

Nov 18th 2010 1:48PM I don't get it, what is being imitated? Is there another team out there that already unlocked the Apple hardware to run a better operating system than iOS?

Microsoft had a 'priority email inbox' way before Google, and has patents to prove it (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2010 9:48AM I'm pretty sure just having a bell or whistle that does the same thing as a competitor isn't enough to hold a court battle over. Code is what matters. If GOOG code is similar to M$ code then I think there is a real problem.

Google Android Voice Actions - useful, but worth a press conference? (Download Squad)

Aug 16th 2010 11:07AM I think just an official press release would have sufficed.
Personally, the GOOG has got me a bit annoyed lately. I don't expect magical from Apple, but I do expect magical from GOOG and lately, I haven't been impressed...

UI Centric's Macallan interface for Windows 7 tablets turns pages...and heads! (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2010 10:33AM Yes Batman, and while these screenies look awesome, the usefulness I see getting nerfed by the touchscreen. Anything less than what apple uses for a touchscreen in quality and functionality I think would make something like this frustrating.

Pinnacle Game Profiler: review and give-away (Download Squad)

May 20th 2010 12:09PM I'll enter this, but, win or no win if it is as good and reliable as you say it is, I'm gonna give this a try. The latest Battlefield installment has some settings that I'd like to tweak... is one of the best sources for snarky slogans (Download Squad)

May 10th 2010 10:08AM Hungry fella? Here ya go...

They're opinion that it is "cr@p" is would make a nice sticker in-and-of-itself, so they're entitled just the same to their opinions...