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Keepin' it real fake, part CCXXII: Looks like "WeFound" a total Kindle ripoff (Engadget)

Jul 11th 2009 9:48AM Does it have DRM? If it doesn't, then I know which one I'm buying. (Hint: not the crippled Amazon device).

Is Obama Really President After Oath Flub? (Politics Daily)

Jan 22nd 2009 2:22PM It would be better that he flubbed the oath and be a good President than Bush who repeated the oath faithfully but then proceeded to ignore it while doing his job. Then again, it does say "to the best of my ability", and Bush is a Grade-A moron...

Air France launches in-flight calling trial (Engadget)

Apr 3rd 2008 11:49AM Actually GSM-cells have a theoretical maximum range of 35km (more than 114000 feet according to Google), so it's possible that they still see the signal of the phone. (I wonder if the aluminium plane acts as an antenna as well). The problem is, becuase the cell can transmit to a lot of cell-towers from above, the cell towers get confused/overwhelmed..

Concept Alienware Android phone makes our brain, hands hurt (Engadget)

Feb 16th 2008 6:57PM Yeah, it's just an article written to get users to their site and buy their crap, and the sad thing is, the "blogosphere" fell for it sinker, line and hook...

gTwitter: How to Tweet in Penguin (Linux) (Download Squad)

Jan 11th 2008 7:34PM Well, Twitter has a Jabber-bot which you can IM with to send/receive tweets...

VIDEO: Audi releases official footage of the R8 (Autoblog)

Jan 21st 2007 11:05AM Man, nice, but the LEDs around the headlights look like Christmas decoration... tacky. If I ever get one, I'd modify it so it's a solid stripe of light. Ha, not that I'm going to be able to afford one any time soon.