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The iPad 2 is highly unpopular... as a camera (TUAW.com)

May 13th 2011 6:05PM Three easy factors in this:
1. The camera quality isn't that great. It's good for video conferencing but that's it.
2. People don't drag their iPad everywhere like they do with their iPhone.
3. The iPad is a very big device to take pictures with. I am sure that factors the biggest as it seems odd to snap a picture with it.

Again, I think the cameras function FAR better in conferencing then taking actual pictures.

iOS 5 may offer over-the-air software updates (TUAW.com)

May 5th 2011 4:04AM This wouldn't surprise me if they did because they already do this, quite successfully, with the Apple TV. Plus, it would make things much easier than having to be infront of a computer and doing the update as it seems some are wanting to lower iOSs dependance on a computer, especially with the iPad.

I just wonder how the updates will show up? Will it be though the settings like on the Apple TV or will it grab it though the App Store?

And it sounds like too their trying to treat the iOS 5 updates like Mac OS updates which is good IMO.

MacDefender malware targeting Mac users, instructions for removal (TUAW.com)

May 2nd 2011 4:36PM Like the rest of the EXTREMELY few Mac OS X, Unix, or Linux viruses, they have to be installed in some way and it requires your admin password to take effect. Aka, you have to be completely unaware or be (a lack of better terms) stupid to get infected by a virus on a Mac. Rule of thumb is: Only install software you KNEW you downloaded and software you know and trust and if a random installer comes up like that, DON'T continue...

Deep thoughts: Why Android's market share doesn't matter (TUAW.com)

Apr 27th 2011 4:43AM I think Android's main advantage its a good mobile OS that is on every carrier and has many different flavors. It reminds me of Windows, which ranges from netbooks to your powerful gaming machine. Well, Android can range from being on a very cheap, though weak, phone on a cheaper local carrier (or lower cost national carriers like CricKet) to powerful phones like the Droid 2 and Evo 4G. So IMO, its not so much users of the iPhone is shrinking, its that Android is getting a broader audience than the iPhone can.

However, iOS is definitely not out by any means because there's two major weapons in the iOS arsenal: The iPad and the iPod Touch. The iPad has been getting insanely popular and even though its getting competition, as reviews and comments show, they are massively behind in apps and the software is buggy and in the case of the Playbook, missing some features. The sales on these devices too are massively behind, like the Xoom only sold 100,000 units in the same span the iPad 2 sold millions. Tablets are in a completely different arena than smart phones (as the majority are sold directly and not subsided though the carrier, which means no BOGO, no major carrier deals, etc. that helps move them) so this has a much bigger effect than it would to the Android smart phones. Yes, both Honeycomb and the Playbook will get better but so will the iPad with iOS 5.

And the iPod is been an always popular brand and the Touch is no exception and there's no true-blue Android competition of any kind towards the Touch. The only major competition (other than smaller MP3 players) is the Zune, which as everyone knows, doesn't sell near as well or have the name recognition the iPod does.

Michael Dell: Android tablets will overtake iPad (TUAW.com)

Apr 25th 2011 3:44PM Ah, Mr. Dell... The fact that your machines break constantly is the primary reason I have a job right now and what keeps my employer busy. That speaks allot about your products, and obviously not in a good way.

You've been wrong several times in the past, Mr. Dell, and this is no exception. Android mainly got popular on smart phones though heavy promotion. BOGO deals, giveaways, the works, and almost every cell carrier was doing them to grab some of Apple's iPhone pie, which they were successful on getting a large amount.

However, tablets are a completely different beast altogether. Theres no BOGO, no giveaways by the carrier. It all relies on the manufacturer and the OS and Apple is very, very clearly ahead. Honeycomb, which you would have to use, is currently very buggy and slow and has few native apps and the Playbook is worse. It's clear the others aren't able to grab Apple's pie this time around as the iPad quicky is becoming the iPod of tablets and the others are becoming the other MP3 players others haven't heard much about, much less used. Yes, Honeycomb will get better and so will the Playbook but so will the iPad with iOS 5..

Mr. Dell, focus on making your machines more reliable and less time talking please.

Rumor: Apple no longer allows Best Buy to sell the iPad 2 [Updated] (TUAW.com)

Apr 8th 2011 2:31PM After hearing about the Best Buy promotion thing, I kind of figured there was something up on their side. As I said in an earlyer comment, I seriously doubt Apple would pull any of their products from Best Buy since they move ALLOT of their products.

Why the heck Best Buy is holding iPad 2's for a "unannounced promotion" is anyone guess, and not the wisest move. I guess they want to capitalize on the high demand of the device in some way, even if that means irritating people in the process.

Rumor: Apple no longer allows Best Buy to sell the iPad 2 [Updated] (TUAW.com)

Apr 8th 2011 8:13AM I think this isn't true because Apple moves ALLOT of products though Best Buy and I am sure Apple is very aware of that. They're are in locations where the official Apple store isn't or is closer to people (such as where I live, the local Best Buy is 3-5 miles away, the Apple Store is 26-28 miles away). With how many iPads and iPad 2s (at launch) sold though Best Buy, this would be a bad move on Apples behalf if they did this, as well as it would help their competion.

I know they had a negative ad on their site from a competing company but I don't think that should be enough to pull their products from their stores altogether.

Apple-backed rules prohibit electronics makers from buying minerals used to fund wars (TUAW.com)

Apr 2nd 2011 3:30PM So you want companies to be free to use low grade, easy to break and potentially dangerous materials and materials from dodgy sources so muti million and billion dollar companies can save some money? Wow... Personally, that's what's wrong with the corporate world, all they care about is the almighty dollar, including over quality of life (since its the corporations that are firing our workers, my friend has been struggling because a muti million dollar corporation thought his small wage was just "alittle too much") and even human life anymore. Thus why I consider greed as one of the "great human evils".

How to enable Home Sharing on Mac and iOS devices (TUAW.com)

Apr 1st 2011 1:29PM Well, this is useful if you want to stream your content to your Apple TV or stream content that isn't on your iOS devices. Like I have a ton of encoded movies that I couldn't even dream of fitting them all on my iOS devices that I stream all the time using Home Sharing.

Also, Home Sharing will let you share content from another computer on iTunes which is your concern here. If its enabled, it will show up under "Shared" on the left hand sidebar.

Also, I am sure Apple will introduce cloud-based iTunes eventually.

How to enable Home Sharing on Mac and iOS devices (TUAW.com)

Apr 1st 2011 1:26PM This isn't true, I use Home Sharing all the time on my iPad (Wireless) and Apple TV (wired) and I am using a wired connection to the Mac. Something might be wrong with your router or something else in your network might be causing issues.