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What's a troll to do now? Yahoo! News Message Boards taken offline (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2007 9:29AM The very thing you are whining about is the very thing that made the Yahoo boards so uniquely great. All other discussion boards are heavily moderated, hell-bent on having only their own views aired. But Yahoo allowed people from all sides to post their opinions, or jokes or whatever freely. Yes, there were some trolls, but many of them were people posing as the opposite of what they actually were, for subtle or obvious comic effect. I often posed in the guise of a crazed fundamentalist, or a log cabin gay republican, to lampoon those particular idiotic subcultures. And there were people on the right who did the same. Experienced readers could tell the difference, but the responses who took the troll posts at face value were truly hilarious. Discussion boards should not just be overmoderated tea parties. The only posters I had a problem with was spammers. But there should be a place where trolls, imposters, users of broad hyperbole, etc. can go to have a laugh. Only an idiot would take the content that was posted on Yahoo's boards seriously.