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How to make your own Dashboard Widget with Dashcode (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2007 12:58AM This was SO MUCH FUN! i love beta code from an unreleased OS, that's great stuff right there! I created a widget for my Podcast feed (and I'll be plugging your site and not snaking the instructions in this week's show on Sunday). You can download my new widget at http://podfeet.com/NosillaCast/artwork/nosillacast_widget.zip. I even used my own widget to find a link today.

I think I found a bug in Dashcode - If i drag in an image to Dashcode and it doesn't look right, delete it from there, and go back and edit the image and drag it back in, the changes aren't there. I had to keep renaming my file each time I made an edit so that Dashcode would update. I need to figure out where to tell them that.

most excellent tip, really fun, thanks!