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Gasoline prices: High and going higher (BloggingStocks)

Mar 12th 2008 9:49AM I have read all the previous comments and frankly, I am surprised that no one gets it. Rising sweet crude is going up at a rate matching how quickly the US Dollar is going down due to inflation. Thanks to a number of issues..., financing the Iraq war.., corporate bailouts, along with providing financial support to foreign countries the dollar is reaching a point that it cannot compete globally. I predict 5 dollars a gallon by December. Merry Christmas. But do not blame OPEC.., blame the Federal Reserve for continuing to print money, thereby decreasing the value of the dollar.

"Inflation is by design for the purpose of enslaving all of mankind."

Gasoline prices go off the deep end (BloggingStocks)

May 21st 2007 2:06PM Well, the answer is to require all canidtates who run for office to share their investment portfolios. Once the voters have these portfolios available then the entire nation can vote and replace each and every candidate, incuding the president, with representatives that do not hold stock in any oil related industry. If successful, we will have representatives in office who will not be in debt to any oil company special interests. Ultimately, we can hurt them and hurt them good.

What's a troll to do now? Yahoo! News Message Boards taken offline (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2007 7:04PM Well, I occassionaly used the message board at Yahoo News and I have to say that all of you are right. How often does that happen? The boards were often used by trolls but on occassion many posts remained on topic and were insightful. I for one can ignore the trolls and those whose only purpose was to create an arguement. However, regardless of the users it did provide a visitor with a pulse of american culture, albeit, at times a pulse quite perverted. I will miss the entertainment value, but am hopeful that the new forum will be better overall.