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Pour one out: T-Mobile G1 no longer for sale (Engadget)

Jul 27th 2010 11:30AM @yankees368 err...no, you can still but the N1 retail ;)

Commodore Amiga celebrates its 25th birthday, Andy Warhol still dead (Engadget)

Jul 23rd 2010 7:06PM Damn it - I'm off out to the garage to dig out a blizzard souped A1200 :D

HTC fires back at Apple antenna demo with percentage pew-pew (Engadget)

Jul 18th 2010 8:33AM @DefPoet exactly! Come on @sean, do ya know what a percentage means?....pretty lame from someone who's representing tech lmao!

Bloomberg: Apple engineer was concerned about iPhone 4 antenna early on (Engadget)

Jul 15th 2010 11:00AM This comes as no surprise, it's the reason they produced their 'bumper' surely.

Consumer Reports confirms iPhone 4 antenna problems -- and so do we (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 6:17PM @shishi ahh of course, thanks for educating ;)

Consumer Reports confirms iPhone 4 antenna problems -- and so do we (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 5:22PM I'm no engineer, but could stepping up the voltage to the antenna help the reception/ transmission, or would it cause more of an hindrance (in generating more heat, reduced battery life etc).

Consumer Reports confirms iPhone 4 antenna problems -- and so do we (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 2:26PM @zomg0t Oh Engadget will never change their score as the review is based on their review unit at that point in time only; ignoring all other reports of substandard performance.

They will then challenge any test reports that do not meet their review conclusions, by conducting uncontrolled 'tests' in-house.

This is a poor stance, as ALL device manufacturers will now make sure they provide Engadget with an exceptional unit for review rather than a standard production run device.

To not change a review score once you're in possession of qualified facts is arrogant and misleading to the extreme!

HTC Wildfire review (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2010 5:27PM Poor review IMHO, the phone is fit for purpose bearing in mind its price point and target market. Purchasing phones SIM free in Europe is gaining popularity too. Comparisons with mid to high end phones is a waste of a review.

Android 2.2's Froyo goodness hitting the Nexus One already? (update: just press so far) (Engadget)

May 22nd 2010 2:30PM @melanchete what??...you obviously know nothing about why Google would make 2.2 available to a generic developer device like the nexus then?!...seriously? LMAO