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What do you want to see in Mac OS X 10.7? (TUAW.com)

Mar 20th 2010 2:49PM Cut and Paste to be added to the finder.

Mail needs to be fixed. After 10 years, please fix the first day of the week bug. The ISO standard is Monday, not Sunday. At the very least follow regional settings in system preferences, or provide a direct setting like iCAL.

Rumor: UK iPad pricing (TUAW.com)

Feb 25th 2010 3:01PM Apple tend to be better than most when providing EU prices that match their US ones fairly closely but those in and out of the Eurozone are traditionally higher than the US for reasons often outside of the company's control such as import duty, regulation on different electronic controls, CE registration and authorisation for wireless and electrical products before any VAT is added.

Apple's iTunes nears 10 billionth song download (TUAW.com)

Feb 12th 2010 2:35AM Well, that depends on whether you accept the American definition of a billion (1000 million) or the European definition, (1 million million). The American billion often called a millard in most of the world unless discussing financial matters when the American definition dominates.

Need more caffine...mind is beginning to wander... :-)

Google implicates the Chinese government of cyber warfare, considers pulling out of China (Download Squad)

Jan 13th 2010 3:22AM Google is important but don't overstress the inpact in China. There are other search engines which are more popular there.

If Google achieve anything it's to highlight the difficulties in culture between American and Chinese companies when it comes to rights and how to do business.

Apple's patent application for pen-based computer remembers fingers can't write (Engadget)

Nov 12th 2009 7:14AM Anyone tried writing on paper with their finger?

Come on..logically using a stylus to write is a more natural extention to using a pen on paper. Fingers are good for buttons but not writing with, unless you stick to a keyboard only.

10 hot Growl styles to make your pop-up alerts really pop (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2009 8:20AM Many programs do not have their own notification function built in and many choose to use Growl rather than reinventing the wheel.

If I jump onto a Mac without Growl installed it's noticeable and I miss it.

Microsoft opens its first retail stores - Video (Download Squad)

Oct 23rd 2009 2:07AM That's hysterical, scarey and quite quite alarming!

What's the wooping, claping and false happiness for? Has the staff seen the products they are championing?

Tell DLS: What are your top 10 must-have apps? - Linux! (Download Squad)

Oct 17th 2009 3:59PM Lotus Symphony is usually top of my install list.

RIM officially intros BlackBerry Curve 8520, promises "out of the box" Mac compatibility (Engadget)

Jul 27th 2009 7:15AM .

Another Blackberry that looks exactly the same as the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that.

A very conseravative design group.

YPOPs! brings Yahoo! Mail to Outlook/Thunderbird for free (Download Squad)

Jun 27th 2009 5:16PM Or you could just use Yahoo!'s help page and do it yourself.
I have been using POP on Yahoo! for as long as I can recall. Never paid any extra for the option.