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Fight another universe via jetpack, courtesy Massively and NCsoft! (Massively)

Aug 13th 2010 1:46PM I would use a jetpack to save buckets of time getting from one side of the map to the other, from mission to mission.

Starbucks in stealth mode: Just add beer (DailyFinance)

Jul 16th 2009 6:11PM Wonderful! Starschmucks will now dupe people into supporting its evil empire of trendier-than-thou exclusivity and bitter, overpriced coffee. If any other corporate chain pulled this stunt, masquerading as a mom and pop business, the public would be up in arms. But, because it's Starschmucks, a de rigueur brand with which so many lemmings wants to associate and through association elevate their own sense of self, the public will let it slide and perhaps even applaud the "stealth" marketing initiative.

Stardock Fences adds KDE 4 style desktop organization to Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 7th 2009 3:58PM Unfortunately, like many other Stardock products, Fences doesn't do multiple monitors.

Apple Sued Over JPGs (

Apr 25th 2004 3:20AM I reposted Sean's above story, with additional info and editorial, on The Magazine Design Blog. In light of the chaos caused by Eolas, I think we'll see a concerted shift to PNG for online use and either TIFF or PDF for long-term image archival.

1,000 is the magic number for player capacity (

Apr 24th 2004 7:27PM I could live with only taking 2,500 out at a time. ;-D

Is Apple It’s Own Worst Enemy? (

Apr 6th 2004 4:47AM I recall a promotion shortly after KeyNote's release wherein it was given out free with the purchase of a new Mac. As I can't find any documentation to back that up, however, I will defer to you. Still, don't believe everything you read in a press release. Missing Avid Xpress was an oversight, a typo, as you can see a little above that that I did mention Avid. Your points about IE and Safari are moot and do not contradict what I said. I didn't "forget" to mention anything of the sort. It isn't relavent. Yes, Apple allows third-party developers to build on the WebCore. How is this different from IE under Windows? The IE browser core is part of the OS on Windows, just like Mac. Third-party developers can build on that core, thus making use of the OSes' bundled functionality rather than having to reinvent the wheel. There are dozens of browsers (and other applications) making use of the IE core code in Windows, yet IE still dominates the Windows desktop browser market by an incredible margin. Why would Apple find different results for the same practice? I didn't go into great depth about the features of any of the apps deliberately, nor did I go into all the simularities between the Mac and Windows. If you want to know the similarities and differences between the OSes, there are discussions and articles ad nauseum that discuss exactly that. Microsoft pulling IE was, in part, motivated by Apple's development of Safari. The low number of Mac-based Internet users was another factor. The technological factors that affected both IE and Netscape when running under a Mac OS were a factor. Yet another factor was the argument between Microsoft and Apple as mentioned earlier in my article.