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Scrabble Helper helps you improve your Words With Friends gameplay (Download Squad)

Mar 15th 2011 2:09PM @kevjohn2011

Sorry, I must clarify. When I know it's people that don't use these words (or even know they exist), and they *repeatedly* play them, that's when I end the game. 10 out of 10 times when I confront them about it, they come clean.

But I'm all for trying to play crazy words, and placing tiles in weird spots just to see if it works. But if it happens every turn, it seems very suspicious to me.

Scrabble Helper helps you improve your Words With Friends gameplay (Download Squad)

Mar 14th 2011 9:16PM It's always so easy to detect when someone is cheating with these. It's the most un-obvious words in the planet, one after another.

What's worse is when my dumb moron friends try to pass this off as them playing. I'm sorry, but when you drop down "QUAICH" as a word, and pick up 80+ points because you connected 3 words off of it, I resign immediately.

That being said, sometimes you can get legitimately stuck. These websites/apps are handy to have in those situations, but c'mon, don't just play move after move and try to take credit for it.

Also if you are in need of a "download" (instead of just a website), on Android, "Scrabble Helper" is a solid app.

Words With Friends for Android updated, promises "smoother game experience" (Download Squad)

Mar 4th 2011 11:51PM Words With Friends on Android is baaaaaad. Not only is it slow, buggy, crashes all the time, and has a VERY limited database of words, but the board is ugly too.

Right now I'm stuck to where whenever I launch the app, a full-app ad tries to load. Of course ad-free has prevented that ad from loading, so the ad screen never goes away. I have to quickly launch the app, and start tapping like a mad man on where the current game is that I'm playing in order for it to switch to the game screen.

What a piece of crap!

Go download/buy WordFeud, and uninstall this lousy garbage.

LauncherPro for Android hands-on: it works, but it won't wow you (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2011 4:18PM @Jaymoon

...and I forgot to mention being able to click-hold-drag an item out of your app drawer to make a shortcut, or drag down to the trash to uninstall. Can't get any easier/faster/awesome than that!

LauncherPro for Android hands-on: it works, but it won't wow you (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2011 4:16PM I am another Android user that shelled out cash for the first time for LauncherPro (then $1, so I definitely got my moneys worth).

This may contradict the other comments already posted, but I could care less about the LP widgets. Yeah they are OK to have if you miss Sense that much, or wonder what Sense has to offer. For me, I keep my home screens (all 3) to a bare minimum for speed.

To me ADW always felt like navigating through a clunky "Windows 95-ish" launcher, meanwhile LP was also a super smooth "Windows 7". Last time I tried it, it crashed about once an hour (most likely conflicting with something I had installed), and each time it restarted, it had to repopulate my app drawer which had well over 100+ apps. It took fo.....r.....e....v.....er.

I've recently tried other launchers like GO Launcher and Zeam, but resizing widgets, scrollable docks, custom dock icons, adjusting the animation effects, hiding apps from the drawer (major selling point right there), swipe actions on dock buttons, virtual looping home screens, 5 column/rows... all reassure me that I've made the right choice! :)

SMS Popup for Android enables quick (and preset) replies (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2010 9:39PM If you *must* use the default "Messaging" app, then this is a great solution. However if you are the customizing type, try GoSMS or Handcent. Not only are they better messaging apps, but have better and more configurable pop up notifications.

TeamViewer Beta 6 is now out, remote control freaks rejoice (Download Squad)

Nov 17th 2010 11:48AM I'll try it out when there is an Android app available... Until then, a free account with LogMeIn does the job just great.

SugarSync giveaway: win a 30GB account for a year (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2010 7:58AM Certainly hope that paying SugarSync users (such as myself) can win too!

Skype now available on Android 2.1+ phones, works via Wi-Fi or 3G (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 7:52AM Why can't we use it over 3G in the US? Because the greedy mobile carriers said so, that's why.

Apparently people would rather use cheap methods of calling using just a data connection, rather than having to bother with keeping track of minutes with their carrier. Go figure.

Transdroid: manage your torrents on the go, with your Android smartphone (Download Squad)

Jun 15th 2010 6:31PM Torrent-Fu is another good one. That actually lets you scan a barcode of a movie/game and it will go out and find a torrent for you to start downloading on your server. Wish it would work with private trackers too, but great concept at least.