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Recent Comments:

UFC 129 Predictions (MMA Fighting)

Apr 29th 2011 2:08PM FOUR LINKS, FOUR DIFFERENT comment sections and SAME UFC 129. I left a post this morning NOW I CAN'T EFFIN FIND IT!!!!

St. Pierre 'Scared' and Shields 'Sick of Him' as Matchup for No. 1 Nears (MMA Fighting)

Apr 29th 2011 10:23AM shields henderson fight? shields ground and pound for 4 rounds and didn't leave a mark on henderson or even hurt him. that fight totally blew. henderson looked like he was just sparring round 2 thru 5. and shield looked VERY SCARED in round 1. looked like henderson didn't even try after round 1. pay-off??

Dan Henderson Adds to Legacy With Strikeforce Championship (MMA Fighting)

Mar 6th 2011 9:16AM if a person can't stop from falling face first, they were knocked-out.

50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll (Spinner)

Jan 17th 2011 10:08AM spinner stay with hip-hop rap crap and leave rock n roll alone, something you know nothing about.

Did Golden Globes Censor Ricky Gervais' Joke About Mel Gibson? (PopEater)

Jan 16th 2011 8:48PM Geeeez, this mel gibson anti-semetic rant happened in 2006. it's been done, over-done. think of anything new? original??

50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll (Spinner)

Jan 16th 2011 7:12PM Hey, its spinner... when they first started it was rap, hip-hop crap now they think they can put up a list on well known guitar riffs?? of course jumpin jack flash should be on list, and rock you like a hurricane. I hear both every year living in south east during hurricane season. And no aqualung? frankenstein?? C'mon

Jacob Volkmann Plans to Ride Wave of Attention After Obama Comment (MMA Fighting)

Jan 11th 2011 2:13PM post from earlier without a reply so I will copy-paste it~> There are three branches of government , but it seems all the blame is placed on one.

Natalie Portman Debuts Her Baby Bump (PopEater)

Jan 8th 2011 10:02AM I find term illiterate,unducated,ghetto,street slang. some say phrase started in europe, either way why does media use it so much. have we really dumbed down? is ebonics taught in public schools a good thing??