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Denny's and IHOP take back breakfast (Slashfood)

Aug 16th 2008 3:05PM IHOP needs to get their customer service in line first. I don't know if it's just a Michigan IHOP thing or what, but every IHOP has awful service. 10 minutes to come and get my drink order? Over a half hour on a Wednesday afternoon to get a couple pancakes and eggs? Ridiculous. I never think of IHOP as a "to go" place.

Dear Auntie TUAW: Did I overstep my data limits? (

Aug 14th 2008 7:36PM Yeah they can!

Do you plan to cancel your 3G service tomorrow? (

Aug 12th 2008 12:29PM It's only "more stable" in your eyes because of the incredibly small amount of programs available. These folks are writing code that has to work flawlessly because of all the little hacks and hooks it has to use. An update breaks the whole system, and it starts over again.

No thanks. I'll trust Apple's engineers over 3rd party hackers any day.

Also, please note that I'm not using hackers in a derogatory sense. I just want to point out the sort of work that has to go into jailbreaking, pwning or whatever you want to call it.

Do you plan to cancel your 3G service tomorrow? (

Aug 11th 2008 6:39PM No, I don't want to make my phone contingent on a bunch of hackers scrambling every time Apple pushes out a small update.

diNovo Edge Mac vs. PC (Engadget)

Aug 9th 2008 11:10AM Don't bother with the Logitech drivers, they're extremely buggy. Do a quick Google for "logitech os x driver problem" and you'll see a good number of pages about issues.

Instead try USB Overdrive ( It's donationware, and only has a dialogue box with no wait time on boot if you really don't want to pay. Gives you far more flexibility.

Dear Auntie TUAW: AppStore Rejection (

Aug 8th 2008 11:50PM Another Friday night, another awful writing job by Erica.

Dear Auntie TUAW: AppStore Rejection (

Aug 8th 2008 11:49PM Who really expected PhoneSaber to last? It's simple -- THQ Wireless has the rights to that, so the exercised said rights. I don't really agree and believe they should have worked something out with the developer but again... that's their right.

LA Times: 'I Am Rich' author sold eight copies (

Aug 8th 2008 11:45PM Yay for Gruber and all, but can you stop quoting him so much? Just something I'm noticing.

First Look: Pennies for iPhone (

Aug 7th 2008 11:10PM Unlike those apps (which I agree, are crap) this is only $3. Can't hurt to give it a try.

First Look: Pennies for iPhone (

Aug 7th 2008 11:10PM @Chad: Good thing VideoLAN is on 0.8.6i for VLC.