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Rumor: Apple considering a $19.99 price point for App Store games? (

Jan 29th 2009 5:18PM I'm not trying to be mean, but this is a poorly written article and headline.

Clicking through, 2 blogs deep to the source of this rumor, you can clearly read the *rumor* is that Apple is considering adding a premium games section to the App Store that would feature $19.99 games from bigger-name game developers.

All the other games and prices would still exist, there would just be a new special section for featured, premium games.

Installing Windows 7 on a Mac (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2009 11:13PM I installed the Windows 7 beta via VMware Fusion 2 on my unibody MacBook Pro and was impressed with the install process, it went very smooth. Once Windows has fully booted up things seem to run well but while it's booting up (which takes a link time as a VM) my mac is super slow.

One big thing you should realize before doing this is you will not get the fancy new taskbar features everyone has been raving about. VMware doesn't support the Areo interface which means you won't get the cool "aero peek" previews of the windows when mousing over the taskbar, nor will you get the preview thumbnails, both of which are a huge bummer not to have. When you mouse over an open program, you get a list of the currently open windows (similar to the expanded "grouped" taskbar items in XP) and hovering over the list items does nothing special.

Aside from the disappointment in not having Aero, I think Windows 7 looks pretty good. Finally some good competition again for OS X.

URL Alias adds superpowers to the Firefox address bar (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2008 1:25PM Lee, you can also add an "alias" using this method too. For example, just bookmark gmail, then put in "mail" as the keyword (don't worry about a search term or %s or anything) and then when you type "mail" into the address bar, you will go to gmail. It works great and no extension needed.

Select multiple checkboxes with CheckBoxMate for Firefox (Download Squad)

Nov 29th 2008 4:28PM In Gmail you can also click the first checkbox then hold down shift and click the last checkbox and it will check all inbetween.

iPhone apps we crave (

Jul 18th 2008 4:18PM Yes, I would love to see Firefox Mobile even though I do Like Mobile Safari. It would be good to have the competition.

Grab and Drag: scroll in Firefox like an iPhone wielder (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2008 1:14AM That functionality is actually already built into firefox by default, no extension needed. On the mac, just hold cmd and option at the same time and you can drag and pan in the same was as Acrobat Reader. (On windows, I think it's something like ctrl + alt) You don't get the flick-y iPhone-esque momentum thing, but you don't have the overhead of another extension running. This has worked since Firefox 1.5 I think. launches full album streaming, announces subscription service (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2008 2:41PM great album. as a mac user, I am really excited about their upcoming unlimited on-demand subscription service that has a native OS X client, which would be the first of it's kind on the mac.

iTunes update: 7.4.2 is out (

Sep 18th 2007 12:12AM These updates are getting quite annoying for non-iPhone users.

Parallels revs to 3, adds clutch features (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2007 2:32PM I don't know if I would call VMware the "less effective method", considering VMware already has at least two of those features in their current release. In fact, this Parallels release seems to be more of a catch-up to VMware Fusion more than anything.

Win a copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2007 2:04PM comment