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QtdSync is an easy-to-use rsync server and client for Windows (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 5:47PM Do you know if this can do incremental backups? thanks.

Six Reasons Why '24' Has Jumped the You-Know-What (AOL TV)

Feb 8th 2010 6:57PM The actress playing Chloe is the WORST actress ever and is bringing the show down. It doesn't help that the writers are scripting for a dumb audience - we get that CTU doesn't give Chloe a fair shake already, stop forcing that weak plot down our throat.

I didn't mind her the first few seasons as a quirky geek, but they've misfortunately given her too many lines now and she doesn't have the acting chops to pull it off.

Six Keys to Enjoying the Final Season of 'Lost' (AOL TV)

Feb 1st 2010 4:21PM "No series wrap up is perfect".....add 6 Feet Under to the list of perfect endings....

AP lists Top TV shows of the decade (AOL TV)

Dec 7th 2009 5:45PM 24 during it's peak (first three seasons) was far and away the best television around.

Is Modern Family one of the ten best shows of the decade? (AOL TV)

Nov 30th 2009 5:46PM Nope. The final season of Six Feet Under was far and away its best, and one of the best seasons of any drama, ever.

Weeds: A Modest Proposal (AOL TV)

Jul 14th 2009 6:54PM Love this season - it started a bit dark, but has come good since....real good!

Nurse Jackie: Tiny Bubbles (AOL TV)

Jul 14th 2009 6:51PM I like this show, but find the characters too unbelievable.

PC guy John Hodgman wows them at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner (AOL TV)

Jun 22nd 2009 5:36AM Didn't look down at notes once - very impressive.

Fatal Farm twists the opening credits [NSFW] (AOL TV)

Jun 10th 2009 2:50AM Lame. They're not even funny for "sick humor" people.

Could the rest of the world get Hulu... or at least the U.K.? (AOL TV)

May 27th 2009 11:02PM The Bill? Please. That show is garbage.