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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition unboxing (or: Here, there be dragons) (Joystiq)

Nov 1st 2011 5:12PM @That One Guy

I'm with you on this one. My personal threshold of pain for a Collector's Edition is: standard edition + $20 max.

And it'd better come with some physical aspects, like steel cases, books, figurines, etc. Only in-game stuff for extra money is crap. A perfect example was the Fallout 3 CE. Art book, making of DVD, and bobblehead, all contained in an old-school lunchbox for $20 more? Yes plz!

From Dust review: It's hard out here for a god (Joystiq)

Jul 28th 2011 6:49PM @refugee and @(Unverified)

Or maybe the indie movie "It's Hard Out Here For a Chimp"

From Dust review: It's hard out here for a god (Joystiq)

Jul 28th 2011 6:46PM @TheMessenger

To quote one of my favorite games/characters:
"Meglio essere felici in questa vita, che aspirare a esserlo nella prossima"
-Ezio Auditore

Better to be content in this life, than aspire to it in the next

Review: 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan (Autoblog)

Mar 3rd 2011 5:22PM Awesome, a fellow driver that trained on a minivan! I learned to drive in my parent's '94 Grand Voyager (green upper/gray lower body). Nothing like driving a minivan in high school to force you to swallow your pride hehe. But I have to agree with you, I like the understated look of this. I thought the redesign from a couple years ago needed to be tweaked somehow, and this does it for me.

Honda's rear-end lightning bolt could've worked in my opinion if they had done a similar jog after the B pillar as well, so it would look like they actually meant to do that.

1C Company exec defends Steam against brick-and-mortar retailers (Big Download)

Dec 3rd 2010 3:36AM @Solice: You took the words right out of my mouth.

I've watched as most game retailers (Best Buy and Fry's being better) have let their shelf space for PC games wither away. It's a sad sign when the PS2 and Gamecube sections are larger than the PC games. And what do those games consist of? Maybe the latest multiplatform games, plus WoW, Starcraft I & II, and the Sims 3.

Granted, the developers aren't helping anything by releasing the PC version weeks or months after the consoles, or holding back on features, but when they have to fight over space for a dozen games, it puts them in a difficult position even if they'd wanted to sell it.

I do still have a soft spot for the game boxes, so maybe I'll make my own to represent the games I buy from Steam. :)

Car and Driver grades industry's car designers [w/poll] (Autoblog)

Oct 16th 2010 4:33PM @naturalyshocked (post #6): Wait....huh? Wtf is that post? That goes waaaay off-topic.....I think. It's hard to tell with the absolute randomness of the grammar, but when you mention Japanese apartments and sex in hotels on a car blog, I'm pretty sure that's a sign of a serious tangent.

Anywho, my own two cents worth picks Ford, and more specifically the recent Ford. Now that they're bringing over and updating the designs from their European branch, I've sat up and taken notice.

First MV Agusta F3 shots slip out (Autoblog)

Sep 24th 2010 3:49AM I know that I've been eyeing something that's a step up from my SV650, but I'm a little wary of jumping all the way up to a bike that's got 1000ccs or more, so this would be perfect. I also enjoy trying to find something a little more...different...than whatever is popular in a segment, which is why I was a big fan of the Buells. Keep this coming Agusta!

Speaking of Buells, @scraejtp: the XB series used belt drives, and most of the reviews I read loved that particular aspect of the bikes.

Report: H.A.W.X. 2 PC delayed again to mid-November (Big Download)

Sep 22nd 2010 11:49PM Is it just me, or does it seem like Ubisoft hates pc gamers? While its not unheard of for a game to be delayed, it seems like if a game is coming to the "high-def" platforms (360, PS3, PC), and only the PC version is delayed, Ubisoft is the company at fault most often.

StarCraft II Contest IV - Win StarCraft II Collector's Edition (Big Download)

Jul 31st 2010 4:02AM Sweetness, I've been hoping for a contest like this!