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Motorola's touchscreen Blaze for Verizon in the wild (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 9:43PM F@#$ Verizon.

"If we can't cripple it, or disable it, we won't sell it."

Dash Express now officially $300 (Engadget)

Jun 20th 2008 4:44PM It's in Dash's best interest to have as many of these things on the road. The more Dash units that are on the road, the more traffic data that is collected, which results in higher quality data for everyone else.

Dash does lack some of the more common features in other GPS devices. If you only want a GPS to tell you were to go, Dash is not it. If you don't live in flyover country, or actually have a commute, having accurate traffic data is huge. No other device gives traffic data or POI information as accurately. The routing needs some work, but I think as it is now, the Dash works best for people who basically know where to go, but want to know how to get around traffic.

Now, Dash does have some work to do. If Garmin decides to include wireless connectivity in one of their devices, Dash will have a serious problem. Taking the Garmin UI and adding internet to a device would be the ultimate. And it would probably kill most of Dash's business.

Verizon gets official with $28 billion Alltel acquisition (Engadget)

Jun 5th 2008 11:55AM Yeah! Less competition and higher prices! Let's not forget that the wireless companies had to convince the Government a few years ago that these mergers would be good for the consumer. Has anyone seen any real benefits?

Lower prices would be a start. Non-crippled phones, lower etf's, and no contracts, might have actually happened if there was competition in the marketplace. It's no coincidence that when one carrier raises prices, or limits features. It's called collusion. If the free market actually determined anything in the wireless industry I wouldn't be so mad.

Now I see why Verizon is so expensive. It's not for the network, it's so they have enough cash on hand to buy out the competition.

I F'ing hate them so much right now.

Verizon "in talks" to buy Alltel for $27 billion (Engadget)

Jun 4th 2008 5:53PM G@DD!@#%T! One less choice in wireless providers. Everyone always says if you don't like Verizon, leave. Now there will be even less choice in the wireless market. In a free market demand for services determines price. now that there is even less choice, prices will only continue to increase.

I know business exists to make money. However when Verizon cripples phones, charges 20 cents per text, sells unlimited data capped a 5gb, and otherwise blocks features on their phones it makes it real hard to be supportive.

I F'ing hate them.

New players team up with LiMo Foundation (Engadget)

May 14th 2008 1:31PM The only reason Verizon wants in on this is so they can have a say in how they lock down and cripple the phones.

Screw Verizon. I hope they burn in hell with their lame UI and crippled phones. Oh and lets not forget their math, where unlimited means 5gb.

How would you change the Dash Express? (Engadget)

Apr 4th 2008 10:28PM I would have to agree that the traffic data is the biggest selling point to the device. I have seen the map update the traffic data only only a few minutes after I traveled down the road.

However, I was hoping the Dash would find traffic, and give me an efficient route around it. If I do hit traffic, it usually sends me so far out of the way, that it is totally useless. I was hoping it would route me on side streets around the traffic, but it hasn't yet.

I've used a Garmin before, and the Dash is definitely lacking some of the most basic features of the Garmin units. If you spend a lot of time in traffic then this is the device for you, since it will at least give you a very accurate picture of the road ahead. Unfortunately, you'll have to decide how to get around it.

That being said, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with some of the big wigs from Dash. ( I was a beta tester) And I can tell you that they really do listen to the consumer, and really made me feel like they are doing their best to make the device the best it can be. I'm still waiting for the third party apps that were promised, but hopefully soon.

All in all the device has a lot of promise, and the traffic info is priceless here in SoCal.

FCC releases 700MHz auction details, Verizon, AT&T big winners (Engadget)

Mar 20th 2008 11:30PM F#$%! Verizon is the company that considers "unlimited" 5GB! They are the company that is routinely buying up the competition, and raising prices. Twenty cents per text message, are you f#$%ing kidding? Fourty nine cents for each MB per month over 5GB with an EVDO card? WTF.

Does anyone honestly think that Verizon or AT&T will do anything positive for the consumer? If the two largest telcos own most of the spectrum, they can charge whatever they want, since there is little to no competition.

Verizon pays up for disconnecting heavy users of unlimited data plans (Engadget)

Oct 24th 2007 10:51AM I think we need to put this in perspective. The reason Verizon has these ridiculous policies is becasue the demand for their service keeps going up. Most people who use Verizon probably don't know what evdo is. They just want to make calls. The reason I know this is true is because Verizon keeps removing features, and rasing prices. A company that is headed toward failure would not do this. Sprint on the other hand is doing whatever it can to gain customers. That is why they are offering cheap plans (SERO), and have policies that benefit the consumer.

This is a great example of why Net Neutraility is important. Companies like Verizon would love to limit how and what you see on the internet. I just wish there was real competition in the wireless industry. Then we might see some positive changes.

Texas Target stores hit rock bottom with iPod theft (

Oct 10th 2007 11:40AM I don't work at Target, but isn't also possible that someone bought these ipods that had access to a shrink wrap machine? I don't think that Target would return Ipods to Apple that appear not to have been opened.

You can buy the heat guns, and shrink wrap for a lot less than a new iPod, so it's not out of the question.

Dash Express redesigned for Q1 2008 launch (Engadget)

Sep 17th 2007 11:31AM The "r" shape exists so they can place the antennae in the optimal location. Remember it has a GPS, WI-FI and GPRS radio inside the device. I can tell you that this device is awesome. And once you see what it can do, you won't care what it looks like.

The Dash guys are really listening to their customers, and I really believe they are trying to build the best product they can. On top of that, with the internet conncetivity, they can add updates, and new features wirelessly, so you should get software and feature updates frequently.