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SSX begins UK race atop Mt. Retail (Joystiq)

Mar 5th 2012 10:49AM Yessss! Great start for this game. I want more, more, more, so please keep buying it so EA releases some DLC for it. Take my MS Points please.

SSX review: The odd couple (Joystiq)

Feb 29th 2012 10:21AM @gangcar "the loading times are crazy long"

??? are you kidding me? it takes 4-5 seconds to restart, which is a lot quicker than a lot of other games.

From the slopes to the air with SSX's wingsuits (Joystiq)

Sep 30th 2011 2:04PM @MrAlex Nope. It was on one of their blogs. They wanted to focus on the core characters.

Report: Sony could remotely disable jailbroken PS3s (Joystiq)

Jan 11th 2011 4:33PM my point being...Sony is not going to disable consoles completely. That's a little too heavy handed and probably opens them up to legal recourse. They will just start to ban modded consoles from PSN like MS does with XBL.

Report: Sony could remotely disable jailbroken PS3s (Joystiq)

Jan 11th 2011 3:44PM Or they could just block access to PSN and online play and force you to play offline...just like MS does with modded Xboxes.