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Hot and Spicy Fall Forecast at 2 Fast-Food Chains (Slashfood)

Sep 22nd 2010 5:39PM Chick-Fil-A will also be rolling out its Spicy Chicken Breakfast Biscuit in December.

YouSendIt is the only way to transfer files across the Internet -- review, and mammoth give-away (Download Squad)

May 27th 2010 1:57PM [waves hand mysteriously] This is the winner you are looking for.

Cinematical Seven: Non-Horror Movies that Scared the Crap Out of Me As a Kid (Cinematical)

Jul 30th 2008 3:52PM I remember all of these movies from my childhood and also saw several of them on the big screen. I can certainly understand your sentiment about these movies being a bit scary at times.

Case in point:

The Wheelies or the headless Queen Mombi in RETURN TO OZ. Mombi was played by Brit actress Jean Marsh, also known for her role as the evil Queen Bavmorda in WILLOW.

Welcome to the New Cinematical! (Cinematical)

Jun 11th 2008 7:50AM Digging the new design!

Redford Returns to Baseball with Jackie Robinson Biopic (Cinematical)

Apr 14th 2008 11:06PM Perhaps Derek Luke?

First Look: Benicio Del Toro as 'The Wolfman!' (Cinematical)

Mar 19th 2008 3:18PM Huge Weaving?

I'd like to buy another vowel please, Pat.

From the Editor's Desk: Some Extra Special Love (Cinematical)

Dec 20th 2007 4:08PM I just finished watching it this morning as I've been on holiday all week. It was friggin' hilarious and a wonderful end to the series. What got me all teary-eyed was the continued use of Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" when they showed Maggie struggling to make ends meet. The Clive Owen and Gordon Ramsay cameos were priceless. And while Ricky Gervais is wonderful in the show, Stephen Merchant needs his own show... STAT! He was gut-punchingly funny in this one.

Rhames to Play Sonny Liston in 'Phantom Punch' (Cinematical)

Oct 30th 2007 2:23PM Rhames as starred as Iceman Chambers in UNDISPUTED, the 2002 prison boxing movie with Wesley Snipes, Peter Falk & Fisher Stevens.

Rhames to Play Sonny Liston in 'Phantom Punch' (Cinematical)

Oct 30th 2007 1:34PM Rhames has been circling a Sonny Liston project for years. He was even attached to a film project titled NIGHT TRAIN that William Friedkin was lined up to direct as far back as 1999.

More info on that here:

First Trailer for Jack Black's 'Be Kind, Rewind' (Cinematical)

Aug 9th 2007 1:27PM Here's the synopsis, with the reasoning behind why the tapes get erased.

Jerry (Jack Black), a junkyard worker who attempts to sabotage a power plant that he believes is melting his brain. But when his plan goes awry, the magnetic field that he creates accidentally erases all of the videotapes in a local video store where his best friend Mike (Mos Def) works. Fearing that the mishap will cost Mike his job, the two friends team up to keep the store's only loyal customer - a little old lady (Mia Farrow) with a tenuous grasp on reality - from realizing what has happened by recreating and re-filming every movie that she decides to rent. From "Robocop," to "Rush Hour," to "The Lion King," Jerry and Mike become the biggest stars in their neighborhood by starring in the biggest movies ever made.