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MyGuestmap: Yet another cool Google Maps Hack (Download Squad)

Aug 13th 2005 1:19AM Wow, I would really like to use something like this on my website simply because it is very interesting. I like how something like this allows you to actually see on a map where someone is instead of trying to visualize it. I don't know how it would work for me though, are you able to zoom into the map and acutally see smaller cities and everything? I would like to know that because, I don't get too many people signing my guest book from out of state. Hey, check out my site for your self, just click on my name and go there. Tell me what you think in my new forums. Thanks!

Windows Vista preview from the admin's point of view (Download Squad)

Aug 13th 2005 1:16AM Very nice review, I really enjoyed it. Much better then just looking at multiple pictures trying to figure out what they are, what they do, and how helpful they are. Thank you very much.

Microsoft's Genuine Advantage program cracked in a day (Download Squad)

Jul 28th 2005 11:33PM It doesn't work. I typed in the javascript as told and, then it proceded with the scan for updates like normal. Then it prompted me with the verification of authenticity. I typed: javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')

Microsoft: Please buy Office 2003 ... pretty please? (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2005 2:46PM Maybe, people would acutally buy Office 2003 if it wasn't so expensive. Why pay hundreds of dollars if you can download for free and it has almost all of the same features except for the Micro$oft 'Tech Support' that you still have to pay for. If you ask me, if you have an older version of Office, stick with it unless you really 'have' to get a recent version. And if you can do without the Micro$oft name, use