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Windows 7 SP1 coming this summer? (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2010 3:26PM SP1? You mean Vista SP4. ;)

NVIDIA now offering laptop drivers directly through website (Engadget)

Dec 19th 2008 5:47PM Doesnt seem to work on my Dell E6400 with NVS-160M on WinXP 32bit. Says in cant find any supported hardware.

BREAKING: Bush greenlights $17.4 billion Auto Rescue/Bailout package (Autoblog)

Dec 19th 2008 9:44AM The right thing to do is not the same as the smart thing to do.

Fuze turns up on AT&T's website, again (Engadget)

Oct 21st 2008 2:48PM That explains why this was posted today probably.

Infiniti prices G37 Sedan and G37x Coupe (Autoblog)

Oct 20th 2008 10:47AM Hopefully this news will make the 2008 lease prices drop even more.

GM announces $370 million investment in Flint, MI to build 1.4L engines (Autoblog)

Sep 25th 2008 1:49PM Please stop building in union INFESTED Michigan!

HTC Touch 3G revealed (Engadget)

Sep 15th 2008 10:38AM Why bother releasing this model? Its just a lame version of the Touch HD!

Conceptronic ships Grab 'n GO Full HD media streamer (Engadget)

Jun 12th 2008 9:30AM MKV and gigabit! guess I wont be buying Popcorn Hour now..

Hauppauge HD-PVR shows itself, pre-order said to be coming soon (Engadget)

Apr 4th 2008 1:48PM Oooohh.. Bluray riped to MKV will be much easier now..