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Most US citizens not participating in web 2.0 (Download Squad)

May 8th 2007 10:30AM "The study looked entirely at adults, ignoring teenagers because frankly, no one cares what they do..."

That's very harsh and completely uncalled for. The folks at the Pew Internet & American Life Project do fantastic research into how teens and children use the Internet and they often integrate that data in their "adult" research. The research standards differ significantly for adults and youths and conducting the same research on both sets of people takes significant resources.

With that said, I agree that the cutesy names given to these different groups of people add nothing to the research. In fact, in my mind they detract from what is otherwise very interesting and valid research.

Who will buy my misery? (The Digital Music Weblog)

Jan 3rd 2007 6:12PM What purpose does this post serve other than to kick a person while they're down? It's mean, spiteful, unnecessary, and does nothing to further my knowledge of digital music.

Please consider playing closer attention to your core topic - not reviewing music, telling us your favorite band, or bashing celebrities - but sharing interesting news of and insight into digital music.

Why digg is destined for failure (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2006 11:59AM I agree with your general assessment that "Digg sucks." However, I question the applicability of Surowiecki's theory of the "wisdom of crowds."

Your assertion that "Microsoft Windows is an example of an operating system written using the wisdom of crowds" is false. That many people were involved doesn't begin to meet the criteria that Surowiecki set forth in his book for a "smart crowd." Without going into an extensive analysis, that these people contributed in a very rigid, top-down corporate structure is pretty clear evidence that Microsoft's development process fails to take advantage of the wisdom of crowds as currently defined.

Your application of the wisdom of crowds theory to the comments posted in Dugg is also mistaken. IIRC, one of the key tenets of this theory is that the members of the crowd are independent actors with little or no knowledge of how the other members are behaving, voting, etc. at that particular time. That tenet is violated when one can and does read everyone else's responses before posting your own comment. Another key tenet is that the members of the crowd are diverse and I think we can all agree that is likely not the case for those who participate in Digg.

Again, I think your main points are correct. But they are weakened when you try to misapply the concept of wisdom of crowds. I know it's a popular theory right now but let's please try to not apply it to every situation involving lots of people; not every crowd is a smart crowd. Your arguments stand on their own merit.