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Create a disposable chat room with ChatMaker (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2008 11:54PM I dragged about 60 or so people into a room from Twitter, and it performed admirably. We couldn't get it to crash under that number o' folks. Lots of good response from people.

One suggestion for usability: make it *really* explicit how one changes their username/nickname. I got it right off, but lots of folks balked at that early on, so we spent lots of cycles telling newcomers what to do.

Otherwise, nifty, easy, and cool.

Scobleized : Why Facebook will never give your data back (Download Squad)

Jan 3rd 2008 12:01PM one point: I wouldn't join OpenSocial either. I think that's a google counter-facebook project.

Chinswing: mixing message boards and podcasting (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2006 4:29PM Is this similar at all to My Chingo from MobaSoft?

Should we run these Amp'D ads or not? (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jan 15th 2006 7:57AM There are lots of other ads by Amp'd. You might just see what else they could offer that's not *as* racy. They are marketing heavily to the teens and tweens market, so there are lots of cool extreme sports ads, some skatepark ads, some cool things showing video game content. I think the commenters above are right about that particular ad, but Amp'd is really relevant right now, and so, it might just be better to get one of their OTHER ads.