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Gmail adds colored labels (Download Squad)

Dec 5th 2007 3:12AM the whole "NEW" Gmail thing (label colours, contacts presentation) only works if Gmail is set to "English (US)".

go to "Settings" in the top right hand corner and choose "English (US)";
even "English (UK)" or any other language will not work yet.

Gmail Gmail, read all about it! (Download Squad)

Dec 6th 2006 3:38PM too quick;
try it out before you copy digg stories; it is NOT true; you need to live in egypt;
the guy has posted a retraction on digg:

"The thing is it only became open in Egypt where I live and I wrongly thought it’s now open worldwide.

What happend is that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was visiting Egypt and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and that Gmail was now open from within Egypt."

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