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Editorial: Google's multitouch dilemma (Engadget)

Jan 20th 2010 3:27AM since anybody can submit an app to the android market - and clearly multitouch is available - if I was in charge of any kind of mobile development at yahoo - I'd get a team to knock together a yahoo maps with multitouch...just to get some good PR...if they did a decent job everybody would start to use it....

Google support forums rife with Nexus One 3G complaints, is this a real problem? (Engadget)

Jan 9th 2010 1:09AM @(Unverified) This is a phone problem...I am saying that in the same conditions N1 behaves far worse than G1...

but while we're on the subject - in this area T-mo's network blows.

Google support forums rife with Nexus One 3G complaints, is this a real problem? (Engadget)

Jan 9th 2010 12:42AM N1 arrived this morning - to replace my G1. Here are some thoughts.

I live in zipcode 90254. I have about 6 smartphones on my desk at present to compare (as it happens we're doing development of a slick location app on multiple platforms - but that's another story)

So here's the thing. in my area AT&T 3G coverage is fairly spotless.
T-mobile on the other hand - has often had problems - I found that it that the data signal would drift from 3G to Edge (and even to GPRS) and then come back to 3G. every time it would do this it would screw up whatever data calls were happening at the time.

Sometimes the applications would recover nicely - sometimes they would freeze up (this goes for third party apps or even native O/S apps)

Overall it was quite bearable on the G1

but on the N1 I have had no end of problems. The signal strength goes to zero - stays there for 30 seconds. Then restarts. Then I get my EDGE back.
Then maybe I get 3G...

in the meantime I cannot send an SMS message (not to mention complete an email)

So while I really like the slick phone - it is very annoying to keep dropping the network (more than the G1 did) - so we'll see how it plays out over the next few days.

Panasonic DMC-GH1 handled on video, coming to North America in May (Engadget)

Mar 31st 2009 4:41PM nice enough and I'll definitely buy one...
however when he goes on in the video about rolling back the aperture to 2.8 - it's a bit disingenuous when both the kit lenses they are talking about only open to f4.0.

sure - there are 4/3rds lenses that are faster than that...but they are not zooms - nor was that the context of the conversation.


Taking screenshots on an Android-based phone (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2008 4:18AM no dice - tried it - and it still asks for drivers when I connect the USB cable (of course I tried manually pointing to the system32/drivers folder and that didn't work either)

it starts working (i.e. it finds the correct file and starts the copy process like windows hardware installs always do - but then fails at the end)

Taking screenshots on an Android-based phone (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2008 1:02AM except it start installing the driver - then fails at the end with "Fatal Error during Installation"

weird...haven't seen that kind of error on a USB device in a while...anyone got any pointers

Taking screenshots on an Android-based phone (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2008 12:48AM after you first plugin the G1 (having set the checkbox for USB debugging as suggested) it asks for an Android Phone USB driver - in addition to the usual mounting of the SD card as an external drive...

any ideas where one gets this driver - without it ddms can't seem to see the phone...


Mileage maniacs hack Toyota's Prius for 116 mpg (Engadget)

Apr 7th 2007 12:17AM alright alright - enough of the scooter jokes - as someone said the risks are known and can be mitigated. If you want to minimise the risks you can always get a B6 level armored vehicle and then ram everyone off the road...but that's highly impractical - as it happens the other vehicles are a turbo diesel new beetle and a wrangler jeep (oh and a lifted 89 Ford Ranger). both are fine (no DUIs he he) - but for summer days driving to tennis, beach, grocery shopping, cinema etc etc (delete as applicable) they can't be beat. They are definitely an urban vehicle - as for the people who don't get guys+girls on scooters - on your next trip to anywhere in europe pay attention to where the hottest girls are sitting with their hair blowing in the wind.


p.s. you are right though that drivers are much worse in the US than in Europe for indicating when changing lanes and...er...pretty much anything else whatsoever - so maybe I should be more worried driving around LA

Mileage maniacs hack Toyota's Prius for 116 mpg (Engadget)

Apr 6th 2007 11:43PM That's some funny shit. everyone always says scooters are totally g*y (and of course the multitude of Honda Jazz's out there keep that theory alive - but the SR50 ditech is the king.