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Diaspora's "open Facebook" source code riddled with security issues (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2010 11:58AM What?! My MacBook auto-submit setting to auto-enter my email address doesn't work here???? The website, Downloadsquad.com, contains "code that's wrought with bugs and security holes!" Run for your lives to the more reputable, Engadget!...

Look, that ulterior motives are at work here - Victor Agenda, Jr, errr, Victor Agreda, Jr. - isn't and shouldn't even be a question. Sir, the motives of you and yours here at Download Squad are baldly obvious.

What is saddest is that you actually have the nerve to spit out a quick rejoinder in your own comment section to anyone who doesn't say, "Baaaah" when you bleat. Your fear-mongering combined with Google's quite interesting placement of this article as its top news search result tells me all I need to know about the nature of your efforts.

Blogging and Newspapers, a Lesson in How Not to Brand and Market (Blog Maverick)

Mar 13th 2008 7:33PM First, let me say that I totally agree with your assessment as far as the importance for corporate media outlets to differentiate between something called a "blog" and giving it another name within their online pages.

And yet.

It is oh-so you, Mark Cuban, to dismiss everyone who writes under a "blog" format and marginalize them.

This is an incredibly presumptuous post ---

From a blogger.

Named Mark Cuban.

Therefore, the information you disseminate is not to be perceived as "authoritative" and by extension, not to be trusted.

And with your position as NBA team owner and businessman, see how silly that reads?


What could be authoritative about newspapers or Big Box sports media outlets that report news in a manner that largely serves their corporate sponsors and the ideology of the corporation owning the media outlet?

Answer? Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

What's a "good" sports blog Cubes? The gossip-filled link dumps that do the half-naked women thing at least a few times a week? Are they informational or do they just feed your - and all those who read them - inner frat boy (or sorority girl)?

You know, the funny thing about your position as an "insider" is that you appear to be writing this not knowing that many "authorities" at corporate sports media outlets (some NBA writers, too) have their own ---- GASP! ----- blogs; under pseudonyms, of course.

And the funniest thing of all about your anti-blog screed as is that if you check your local Roget's and look up the word, "mediocre." Guess what word you'll find in the list of synonyms?


addendum: your premise/hypothesis is faulty:

"Never, ever, ever consider something that any literate human being with Internet access can create in under 5 minutes to be a product or service that can in any way differentiate your business."

You can create the blog form in five minutes, but the content contained within a "blog" is created over varying amounts of time.

Just because you give the content a name like "RealTime" at, say "The Mark Cuban Times" the blog format itself that supports the content could be created in under five minutes. And if the content is good enough, it will certainly differentiate your business form others whose content is of lesser quality.

Wimbledon Update: Pfffft! Go U.S. Men, Maria Sharapova (Fanhouse Backporch)

Jul 4th 2007 6:50PM Now that (along with some other women on the tour) is something I can totally agree with.

Wimbledon Update: Pfffft! Go U.S. Men, Maria Sharapova (Fanhouse Backporch)

Jul 4th 2007 5:42PM You know what's really interesting about Sharapova lovers is that there is always an excuse for her when she gets beat.

Her #2 rank is built through tourney play throughout the season. Most of these tournaments are not played by Henin or the Williams sisters. Her record in majors and the big tournaments against these three so far this year is abysmal.

Serena crushed her 6-1, 6-2 in Australia, she retired with a "hamstring injury" after getting blasted off the court 6-1 in the first set against Ana Invanovic in Tokyo, she lost to Vera Zvonereva at Indian Wells, 6-1 in the third, in Key Biscayne Serena really crushed her 6-1,6-1, she lost again to Invanovic at the French, and then today - well, Venus just wiped the court with her.

This is the record of a top player others have figured out - and it obviously shows in her results. And as far as her shoulder is concerned, as a former pro player I can attest that it is not an injury to mess with. If she hasn't taken six weeks off at least to rehab her shoulder, which she hasn't, then she's more than likely using it as an excuse for a hurt psyche.

Like I said, all she can really say now is, bring on the hard court season!

Serena Still Hurt From Four Years Ago, Loses to Henin (Fanhouse Backporch)

Jun 6th 2007 12:37AM Liberal -
This is why you people are so funny. Critique Serena to a degree and there are cries of racism. Defend her to some degree and she just got smoked.

Another sign of shock-jock mentality in fans are fans' knee-jerk and reductionist reactions to athletes and events.

Serena Still Hurt From Four Years Ago, Loses to Henin (Fanhouse Backporch)

Jun 6th 2007 12:17AM Hippo? Wonderful shock-jock talk. Fans have devolved into priding themselves on how rude a comment they can make instead of priding themselves on having informed opinions of athletes.

The booing at the U.S. Open? They categorically do not boo every foreign player. In fact, Sharapova and Nadal are easily treated as well as Americans who play at the Open.

Sharapova cheating is okay? Since when do we condone cheating? Sharapova gets away with it more than other players because she's the one of the three "faces of tennis" today, two of whom, Sharapova and Nadal, take advantage of their status. It is equally despicable for chair umpires and tournament directors to allow it. As far as Sharapova is concerned, there are no more than three women on the tour who have anything other than a complete distaste for her and her crass, boorish father.

Henin? She's a great clay court player - no doubt. Winning 31 sets in a row is a phenomenal accomplishment. However, for her, when asked by the umpire to lie and tell the umpire she did not affect Serena's serve during their French Open match four years ago leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

This type of act was rarely if ever tolerated as recently as seven years ago. This new crop of players, particularly the women, practice this kind of cut-throat behavior much more than their predecessors. And it is sad that the public finds no problem with this these types of acts.

So Far, It's Another Terribly Officiated NBA Postseason (Fanhouse NBA Blog)

Apr 29th 2007 3:30AM Michel-
Yup, it's your world and everyone else is a tourist. Have a good one.

So Far, It's Another Terribly Officiated NBA Postseason (Fanhouse NBA Blog)

Apr 29th 2007 2:27AM Michel-
The only suspicion my statement confirms is that "context" is lost on you. I want the Lakers to win so that I can see the triangle run more often - and run correctly. I wasn't a Bulls fan when MJ played, but I totally enjoyed watching them run the triangle to perfection; same with LA.

If you want to extrapolate something that's not there that on you. However, it only show that people will do anything to confirm whatever it is they want to think rather than deal with facts.

BTW, the MVP award is a popularity contest. It is an award without criteria for the award voted on by the media. You can't tell me that any player other than Michael Jordan was the League's MVP in any season in which the Bulls won the Larry O'Brien - yet it happened.

As pitiful as today's sports media is today it's a wonder they don't vote for Paul Pierce to be the MVP and Isiah Thomas to be Coach of the Year.

So Far, It's Another Terribly Officiated NBA Postseason (Fanhouse NBA Blog)

Apr 29th 2007 12:05AM Michael-
Since when does one have to have a prejudice to point out flaws in a system. If there's any team I want to win - and it's only because of the offense they run - it's the Lakers. As I've written elsewhere in comments here, I am a fan of the triangle offense because when it is run correctly no defense can stop it. Unfortunately, the Lakers, far too often, make watching the triangle a sour experience.

As for the teams opposing those I mentioned in my post - I could care less whether they win or lose.

So Far, It's Another Terribly Officiated NBA Postseason (Fanhouse NBA Blog)

Apr 28th 2007 11:23PM FDA... -
Seeing as how I have three televisions and DirecTV I'd wager to guess I watch more NBA games in a month than the average fan does all season... Also, unselfishness has nothing to do with the number of fouls a team commits that go uncalled....

I mentioned a few teams, not only the Spurs.... I'm not a Nuggets fan, I'm a fan of well-called, well-played basketball - period.