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Diaspora's "open Facebook" source code riddled with security issues (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2010 11:58AM What?! My MacBook auto-submit setting to auto-enter my email address doesn't work here???? The website,, contains "code that's wrought with bugs and security holes!" Run for your lives to the more reputable, Engadget!...

Look, that ulterior motives are at work here - Victor Agenda, Jr, errr, Victor Agreda, Jr. - isn't and shouldn't even be a question. Sir, the motives of you and yours here at Download Squad are baldly obvious.

What is saddest is that you actually have the nerve to spit out a quick rejoinder in your own comment section to anyone who doesn't say, "Baaaah" when you bleat. Your fear-mongering combined with Google's quite interesting placement of this article as its top news search result tells me all I need to know about the nature of your efforts.

Blogging and Newspapers, a Lesson in How Not to Brand and Market (Blog Maverick)

Mar 13th 2008 7:33PM First, let me say that I totally agree with your assessment as far as the importance for corporate media outlets to differentiate between something called a "blog" and giving it another name within their online pages.

And yet.

It is oh-so you, Mark Cuban, to dismiss everyone who writes under a "blog" format and marginalize them.

This is an incredibly presumptuous post ---

From a blogger.

Named Mark Cuban.

Therefore, the information you disseminate is not to be perceived as "authoritative" and by extension, not to be trusted.

And with your position as NBA team owner and businessman, see how silly that reads?


What could be authoritative about newspapers or Big Box sports media outlets that report news in a manner that largely serves their corporate sponsors and the ideology of the corporation owning the media outlet?

Answer? Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

What's a "good" sports blog Cubes? The gossip-filled link dumps that do the half-naked women thing at least a few times a week? Are they informational or do they just feed your - and all those who read them - inner frat boy (or sorority girl)?

You know, the funny thing about your position as an "insider" is that you appear to be writing this not knowing that many "authorities" at corporate sports media outlets (some NBA writers, too) have their own ---- GASP! ----- blogs; under pseudonyms, of course.

And the funniest thing of all about your anti-blog screed as is that if you check your local Roget's and look up the word, "mediocre." Guess what word you'll find in the list of synonyms?


addendum: your premise/hypothesis is faulty:

"Never, ever, ever consider something that any literate human being with Internet access can create in under 5 minutes to be a product or service that can in any way differentiate your business."

You can create the blog form in five minutes, but the content contained within a "blog" is created over varying amounts of time.

Just because you give the content a name like "RealTime" at, say "The Mark Cuban Times" the blog format itself that supports the content could be created in under five minutes. And if the content is good enough, it will certainly differentiate your business form others whose content is of lesser quality.

The LA Riots Videos vs Gootube - The Actual Filing (Blog Maverick)

Nov 15th 2006 11:38AM This is one of three major cases in California challenging YouTube. The plaintiffs in all three are under financial duress - in Tur's case, money owed due to a messy divorce.

That the Court TV v. Tur case fell under "fair use" was specious, at best. The "decision" was actually a comprimise: Court TV, being a for-profit venture, continues to use Tur's video-taped news free of charge, while Tur gets free advertising from Court TV and maintains his tight relationship with the L.A.P.D.

That Tur's suit is spurious at best can be illustrated bt the fact that YouTube says Tur did not follow the law (per YouTube's content use agreement) and attempt to contact YouTube about the alleged copyright violations and request their removal from the site.

There's always more, much more to these cases than what lies on the surface.

Lets Talk NBA & Olympics & WC ...again (Blog Maverick)

Sep 4th 2006 11:42AM Mark - From the outside, it appears that giving up NBA rights during international competition is an age-old ploy by Stern. It's the premise of, I'll give you "the product" for free - now. As soon as you're really hooked on the product, you're gonna pay. And pay twice as much as you thought you would (now, as the ultimate insider, you may have information to dispute the aforementioned statements).

Onto the remainder of your post. A question: since basketball is a U.S.-spawned game, why doesn't the rest of the world conform to NBA rules? We don't alter the rules of football (the original football) and demand that the rest of the world do so during the World Cup. Point is, international ball should be played by OUR rules.

You're absolutely right about - players care about NBA rings, not international ball trophies. However, the players who made and make the 3-year commitment NEED to care - for generating more international dollars on their names, if nothing else.

As far as care for international hoops by the general viewership (including casual NBA viewership), the buzz for the recent event was totally generated by the talk-radio of the TV airwaves - ESPN. Only ESPN/ABC/Disney had a monetary interest in this competition - and they played it up in the hopes that we would be made to care. How did they do that? By taking their normal unrealistic look at the team, the head coach and his ability to coach, and the infrastructure that put the team together.

Blame for the team's inadequacies fell almost entirely on the players, while Colangelo and crew were lauded for their efforts; while coach K went unscathed.

For the U.S. to compete with Euro-ballers on their turf, we need to adapt more of a Euro-ball mentality.

The U.S. needs to run a variation of the Princeton-motion offense. We need to find a coach who places a premium on defense; a coach who places a premium on fundamentals; a coach who can relate to, and command the respect of the players through familiarity with their upbringings and understanding of the game; a coach who can instill an "us against the world" mentality and have it not at all sound contrived.

That coach? John Thompson III.

After all, he took a less-talented Georgetown team and beat Duke last season. He runs a variation of the Princeton-motion offense - and offense that demands adherence to fundamental ball, allows anyone to be be a leading scorer in a given game depending on what the defense offers, and promotes team sharing as an ACT, not as an etheral, intangible philosophy.

JT III, because he adheres to the example set by his father, brings young black men into an elitist, nearly all-white collegiate environment. He then demands excellence of them - on and off the court. The players band together like brothers, forming their own fraternity, which is a continuance of the fraternity set forth by his father, These players, once at Georgetown, are connected to every player who has taken the floor to play for the Hoyas, and are treated as brothers by past players from Pat Ewing to Othella Harrington, to Michael Jackson, to Reggie Williams.

JT III also instills an understanding of what it means to be a black student/athlete in a world dominated monetarily by whites; it's an understanding black NBA players need to have to survive on and off the court. It's the understanding that your actions will be much more scrutinized by the outside world, and that each time you take the floor, or each time you venture into the public arena, you are watched - closely. In other words, play and live every moment with ultimate effort and awareness.

Coach K can NEVER give this message to black NBA players.

Finally, if Kobe had been on this team, they would have won the gold medal. Kobe abhores losing like MJ did - in practice or in live games. That attitude was sorely lacking with the present U.S. team. LeBron, 'Melo, and D-Wade are PEERS. Not one of them can demand excellence of each other - or anyone else on the U.S. team. Add Chauncey Billups - another notoriously intense player in practice as well as in live competition - to the mix, and the U.S. wins every game by 15 or more... and everybody's happy.

Downloading Movies.. the 1 thing (Blog Maverick)

Sep 4th 2006 10:31AM Brooke A. Wharton, pro-entertaiment entertainment attorney plants a post. Thanks to the ability to download movies, woe are movies!!! Thanks to Napster, woe is music!!!

Nice try, Brooke Wharton, entertainment industry shill.

Downloading Movies.. the 1 thing (Blog Maverick)

Aug 26th 2006 3:05PM If I'm reading this correctly Mark, you're saying you can't download multiple movies w/out tremendous hassle.... Hmmm, I do it all the time - begin before I go to bed and wake up with multiple movies... So, Don't think you can download multiple movies w/ relative ease? One word. Torrent.

Im sorry for what I make you cover. (Blog Maverick)

Jun 29th 2006 1:33PM I'm not a fan of reposting comments, however, I wonder why no one addresses this fact: "I find it interesting that Jay Mariotti, in his 6.20 Chicago Sun-Times column, got away with calling the Chicago Cubs players "little b****es." There's been no outcry from women's groups and, of course, no call by his peers in the media for Mariotti to be fined and/or suspended by ESPN or the Sun-Times." Where are you, people?...How the hell does anyone defend Mariotti at the expense of Guillen?

Im sorry for what I make you cover. (Blog Maverick)

Jun 28th 2006 11:08AM Your assessment of the media is absolutely correct. Additionally, I found it interesting that Jay Mariotti, in his 6.20 Chicago Sun-Times column, got away with calling the Chicago Cubs players "little b****es." There's been no outcry from women's groups and, of course, no call by his peers in the media for Mariotti to be fined and/or suspended by ESPN or the Sun-Times.