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Nice try, Symantec! Cheesey video warns against free antivirus (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2009 12:29PM I use norton but have never paid for it. This year I got it for $9 from buy.com and $20 rebate. Effective symantec paid me $11 to use it. It is better than freeware.

Symantec release 2010 Norton security products (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2009 4:09PM I am using microsoft antivirus beta. So far so good. No noticable impact on system performance

SnagIt 9.0 now available (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2008 5:05PM $50 for an image capture tool ? They customers must be really really rich ...

Digg THIS Kevin Rose - Reddit goes completely open source (Download Squad)

Jun 18th 2008 12:30PM Digg interface is too bloated and slow, like yahoo. Reddit is like Google simple and fast.

Yahoo beefs up its ad technology with the purchase of BlueLithium (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2007 12:40AM Time to add blue lithium to my ad blocker list.

AjaxWindows: yet another webOS (Download Squad)

Jun 15th 2007 3:20PM Does not work. I'm getting a popup saying Sorry, not a registered user. Same thing even after I registered.

HowTo: Thunderbird & MS Exchange Server (Download Squad)

Mar 30th 2007 3:24PM I guess I'm the lucky one. My company let us us use the exchange server as IMAP server