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Twitter partners with Firefox, adds new image sharing tools (

Jun 1st 2011 5:18PM True enough, but the hardware in almost all videos done by web service companies is Apple hardware. Half the time, the hardware in OTHER HARDWARE companies' videos is Apple hardware. :-)

Steve Jobs NOT confirmed for 2011 WWDC keynote, false alarm... and now he's confirmed. (

May 31st 2011 4:28PM Scott, on May 24 when GigaOM posted the original story, they were sourcing a year-old press release. At that time, Steve was NOT confirmed for WWDC.

As of this morning, he is.

Upcoming MacDefender patch is not the first AV tweak to Mac OS X (

May 26th 2011 10:11AM Technically it's "anti-malware" but the common industry reference is AV, so what can ya do.

iPhone: What is DFU mode, and what's the difference from recovery mode? (

May 25th 2011 5:13PM Nope -- go back to current firmware, restore to factory settings and selectively reinstall apps. Or restore from most recent backup and delete recently installed apps until you find the problem.

No Comment: Friskies makes iPad web games for cats (

May 25th 2011 10:04AM

It's our little joke about the fact that some ideas, products etc. are just too weird to mock effectively.

No Comment: Friskies makes iPad web games for cats (

May 25th 2011 10:02AM This is a web app, not a native app (meaning, it's just a website you navigate to with Mobile Safari).

McDwiff reads DWF files on your Mac or iPad (

May 23rd 2011 10:05AM DWF ≠ DWG.

Hype 1.0 allows you to create slick, animated websites in HTML5 (

May 20th 2011 4:19PM You could do that, and there are several toolkits that would assist. Check out Laker, for one: