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Thoughts on the Lonely Planet scandal: Guidebooks are a sham (Gadling)

Apr 14th 2008 10:44AM My wife and I are huge fans of guidebooks. That being said I never understood what was so appealing about Lonely Planet books anyway, never liked any of them to be honest.

Guidebooks do have a place as part of a travelers gear. The best guidebook IMHO should contain a fair amount of historical information. They also make for fun reading proper to the trip itself.

Viewing a guide book as a "crutch" or"cliff notes" is ludicrous. Not everyone has a month or so to tour a country. So guidebooks can help focus your time and help mold travel plans if your time budget is limited. Especially if your are heading to a major city like Paris or London, a guidebook and city map is almost indispensable. All that being said, it's also nice to not stick to the guidebook too closely. Driving around Tuscany with a hand drawn map from our inn keeper was the some of the best fun my wife and I've ever had. No agenda, no schedule, just exploring. But a great guidebook will help add to the experience.

Study: 73% of Americans have never heard of Google Docs (Download Squad)

Dec 18th 2007 12:41PM I've got zero reason to not use MS Office. Give me one compelling reason to use a productivity apps that have been created by an advertising company? (Google) Thanks but no thanks.

iPhone: 90 Days Later (

Sep 28th 2007 5:10PM
We all knew the iPhone was locked from the outset.

I have ZERO sympathy.

Buy a new phone and deal.

Once you go Mac (Blog Maverick)

Sep 17th 2007 1:36PM Great for you! I was a Mac user for a long time and switched back to Windows boxes and life has been great. Sorry to hear about your Vista issues. Most new OSes have lots of issues, even OS X. OS upgrades should never be taken lightly.

It's a just a tool at the end of the day.

AMD: Dead cat bounce (BloggingStocks)

Aug 8th 2007 4:15PM "iMac bringing back desktop sales" - you are kidding right?

This isn't going to happen. This iMac will not cause a surge in desktop sales. Not with Apple's measly sales numbers.

This is just a standard (Dell, HP, Gateway) PC wrapped in sexy clothes and running a niche OS. It's not going to save the desktop market.

Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac delayed until January 2008 (

Aug 2nd 2007 12:49PM Isn't Leopard late? Oh wait that's Apple's software not Microsofts. Grow up.

Jobs chided, answers questions at shareholder meeting (Engadget)

May 11th 2007 10:38PM @Killian

"we would have... even worse (is that possible?) microsoft products, as they would have no one to copy/compete against"

Wow, very original line of thought. Let's see, Leopard's has a to-do list....innovative.

Jobs chided, answers questions at shareholder meeting (Engadget)

May 11th 2007 10:36PM @BandB

I'm not "basking" in Jobs immaturity. I'm stunned and appalled by it. Sorry if that wasn't quite clear to you. Cheers.

Jobs chided, answers questions at shareholder meeting (Engadget)

May 11th 2007 12:12PM Ouch, another cheap shot at Vista. Wow, that was easy.

Jobs chided, answers questions at shareholder meeting (Engadget)

May 11th 2007 12:10PM Because I love to see Jobs acting like child and taking immature potshots at Microsoft. It only helps reinforce was a baby he is. And it's because of his attitude that Mac market share will always be low. My point was that Apple contribution to the computing world have been very slim in the past 10 years. Hopefully, you don't me to explain that to you either.