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Postbox email client makes Thunderbird more social (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2009 12:32AM wrapmail looks like spam to me.

LG「ebook」概念筆電現身,身負 OLED 螢幕、液體燃料電池兩大絕技 (Engadget Chinese)

Dec 4th 2006 6:10AM p.s. 為什麼這台筆電會讓想到戰慄時空用火箭引擎炸大章魚腳的那段?


p.s. 為什麼這台筆電會讓人想到戰慄時空用火箭引擎炸大章魚腳的那段?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Moonajuana (AOL TV)

Nov 27th 2006 3:40AM nice reviews man

hey you shudnt have to wait until the episode airs to post ur review. just Post it whenever you want. Newspapers and magazines post early reviews all the time.

if people read past the spoiler tags it's their own fault!

Engadget Review:羅技 V450 筆電用滑鼠評測(二) (Engadget Chinese)

Aug 27th 2006 1:59AM 我個人使用上覺得,這麼短小的接收器很不錯阿,比較不容易碰撞到,比起微軟筆電滑鼠的巨無霸接收器好多了,距離也挺遠的3M都還可以順利使用。房間不夠帶就沒辦法測試更遠了。