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First real Symbian^4 screen shots emerge (Engadget)

Jul 17th 2010 3:09AM @themshill Seriously. This looks like Android 0.5.

This can't feel good as a Nokia shareholder...

Google halting Nexus One sales through official store after current inventory depleted (Engadget)

Jul 16th 2010 8:12PM @Revolutionary I wish they'd release skinless Nexus phones annually that upped the specs and let people test the newest Android builds.

Nexus 2, 3, and 4.

Oh what could've been...

LaCie's XtremKey tested... emotionally (video) (Engadget)

Jul 16th 2010 8:09PM Coooollldd Bloooooooooded

Android Market now has 100,000 apps, passes 1 billion download mark (update: Google says 70K) (Engadget)

Jul 15th 2010 9:38PM @drkow19 Is the noise to signal ration the same in the Apple's store? I feel like the Android market needs a serious cleaning.

Microsoft says 74 percent of work PCs still use Windows XP, extends downgrade rights (update 2) (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 11:20PM @loadoftoad It doesn't have to be at Apple's pace, but 20 years of support for a now outdated OS is a little sad.

Microsoft says 74 percent of work PCs still use Windows XP, extends downgrade rights (update 2) (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 11:05PM If I interviewed for a company that was using XP in 2020 I think I'd know everything I needed to know about them right then and there.

I'm not an Apple fan but I have to give them credit for the way they kill support for older software and push things forward.

Anyone looking forward to XP Service Pack 428?

HTC HD2 Android and Ubuntu builds now available for mass consumption (Engadget)

Jul 3rd 2010 4:43PM Is this usable?

What's missing and what bugs are people seeing?

T-Mobile USA's Samsung Galaxy S to be called 'Vibrant' (Engadget)

Jun 24th 2010 1:33PM @abnorm My bright HD2 camera pics would beg to differ.

Hacker finds root for Samsung's Galaxy S (Engadget)

Jun 23rd 2010 11:19AM @Alfred E Neuman No camera flash is a HUGE deal. Have you ever tried to take a picture outside of perfect sunlight?

It's a definite problem.