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Fotos de Roger Federer: Fotos y noticias en español del tenista Federer (Fanaticos)

May 9th 2011 5:34AM Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player in the world.I like his playing style.

Pieles otoñales (Estilodiario)

May 9th 2011 5:21AM she's looking awesome! I have see her in many magazine.

Blacks on T.V. Is it Getting Better or Worse? (BV Newswire)

May 9th 2011 5:16AM I think blacks on TV is better not Worse.. they are looking good on the TV.

Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

May 9th 2011 5:13AM Never heard of something like this - why does graduation have to be a good-bye? Just write something from the heart... "I enjoyed growing up with you..." "I wish you all the best and hope we can continue to be friends..." "You stole my date so I hope you get warts..." You know, that sort of stuff...!

Who Wore What Last Night (BV on Style)

May 9th 2011 5:09AM I like Beyonce i think she's looking much better than compare to other in the list.

Cairo Follows in the Salacious Footsteps of Zane (BV on Books)

May 9th 2011 4:55AM I like the topic of this blog,its really nice blog for discussion.