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ASUS G51J 3D hands-on (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2009 6:59PM L4D2 ftw!

Image of Zune HD's marketplace surfaces, leaves much to the imagination (Engadget)

Jul 11th 2009 8:01PM I am definitely getting this when it comes out!

USB 3.0 demonstrations dazzle: uncompressed 1080p transfer proves simple (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2008 6:04PM "currently on track for an August 2298 release,"


ASUS debuts 12-inch N20A ultraportable (Engadget)

Nov 6th 2008 5:53PM @iofthestorm

14' inch laptops don't have "shitty specs," go to Mirco Center and theirs bound too be many 14' inch laptops who have outstanding specs. Windows Vista, 4gb ram, 320 gb hard drive, etc. I would think 9 to 10' inch laptops specs are shitty.

Microsoft signals some improvements in Windows Vista SP2, still not moist and chewy (Engadget)

Oct 25th 2008 5:34PM Wow Engadget, you give no props to anything Microsoft. And, on the other hand you give a trillions of posts about Apple. You just lost another reader. What's with tech blogs these days?

Tesla's 4-door, all-electric Model S sports sedan gets pictured (Engadget)

Oct 25th 2008 3:01PM Rest in peace Nikola Tesla.

More claims of cracked Zune screens (Engadget)

Oct 17th 2008 11:52PM @Nick
Your obviously an idiot first. What makes you think iPods are better than Zunes? They both play music, video, pictures and radio. Oh wait. iPods don't have radio or WIFI! All that Apple advertising is poisoning your mind to think iPods are the best, well buddy your wrong.

- Proud zune owner.

Windows XP gets another stay of execution (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2008 8:57PM Nope it's mostly because the press given Windows Vista a bad rep, but in actuality theirs nothing bad about Vista. XP users, I personally used both xp and vista and the only difference are the visual and security upgrades. If you guys actually tried the OS, I bet you'll like it.