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Sprint's Treo 800w manual goes online, all 436 spellbinding pages of it (Engadget)

Jul 8th 2008 3:18PM You can dress up a pig all you want, but a pig is still a pig.

Ask Engadget: Subnote or full-sized laptop for university use? (Engadget)

May 15th 2008 6:35PM I say the best way to go is a full laptop. It doesn't have to be a Toshiba Quismo by any means, but something that will last for a couple of years until the next upgrade.

I recently got a MacBook Pro and found it to be overkill for my needs so take in to account exactly what you will be using it for. Any half decent Mac, Dell, or HP should do the trick though.

Dell Axim X50v gets unofficial Windows Mobile 6 upgrade (Download Squad)

Aug 11th 2007 12:57AM It is great that more and more upgrades are trickling out... by the time all the devices have updates, Atom should be out.

Air Force planning multi-billion dollar GPS upgrade (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2007 12:53AM Good to know that they are upgrading the systems. For the most part I get access to 7 or so satellites... it can only get more accurate from here.

Giveaway: super rare E Ink watch! (Engadget)

Jul 6th 2007 3:32PM In! Thanks Engadget!

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2007 9:47PM In.

Cellphone "federal excise tax" dates back to the Spanish-American War (Engadget)

Jan 17th 2006 4:37PM The good news is that there is a way to end this excise tax!

The solution? Call and write your Congressman! Also, encourage others you know to do the same.