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Windows 8 welcome screen revealed, looks very Metro (Download Squad)

Apr 1st 2011 5:17PM @Batman CTRL + ALT + DEL has been a part of the logon screen options for Windows going back years, and continues to be available for Windows Vista and 7. It helps keep your password secure by ensuring that you're only giving your credentials to Windows.

Report: Rental companies drag heels repairing recalled cars (Autoblog)

Feb 28th 2011 5:40PM @James Sonne

Actually, this investigation was prompted by the death of 2 college girls when their recalled PT Cruiser caught on fire while they were on the highway:

So yes, people have died from a recalled rental car.

Lancia brings rebadged Chrysler models to join facelifted Delta in Geneva (Autoblog)

Feb 14th 2011 10:32AM IIRC the Voyager name has a bit more brand equity over in Europe. Most of the time usually celebs and their entourage used them. Dunno if they still do but it's probably considered a more premium model than say a Galaxy or w/e. I know there's European commenters here, what do people think of the current Voyager?

Lancia brings rebadged Chrysler models to join facelifted Delta in Geneva (Autoblog)

Feb 14th 2011 10:29AM The Grand Voyager's already been sold in Europe for years. The short-wheelbase version was sold alongside it but disappeared for the current generation. Journey is technically a replacement for the short-wheelbase model both here and in Europe.

Chicago 2011: Dodge gives Grand Caravan, Journey the R/T treatment for 2011 (Autoblog)

Feb 9th 2011 1:58AM I found the press release and indeed, the suspension is retuned:

Still, the DGC looks clean sure...but beyond the grille and wheels..there's not much going on here visually, esp. compared to it's arch rival: Sienna SE. Even a chrome tipped dual exhaust integrated in a way similar to the Ram 1500 would have been nice.

Overall, its still pretty attractive.

Hyundai shows off two of this year's Super Bowl commercials *UPDATED (Autoblog)

Jan 20th 2011 9:09PM Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that! :P

Autoblog Podcast #211: Cadillac cancels SRX Turbo, TribecaLander, Fiat doubling down on Chrysler, new 911 (Autoblog)

Jan 5th 2011 7:38PM Great podcast, one small thing, Tribeca has always been a 3 row vehicle. :)

First Drive: 2011 Ford Explorer (Autoblog)

Dec 13th 2010 1:32PM Couldn't agree more, such a nice color!

Suzuki recalls over 46,000 XL-7 and Grand Vitara SUVs due to faulty pulleys (Autoblog)

Jun 15th 2010 2:12AM These models weren't based on the Theta crossover platform. The previous and current Grand Vitara models are on a dedicated platform. The pre 07 XL-7 was based on a stretched version of the previous gen Grand Vitara platform.

Three Toyotas latest to earn IIHS Top Safety Picks (Autoblog)

May 27th 2010 4:18AM Actually, Kia Sedona was the first van to get Top Safety Pick Gold Rating. With the new rollover test, it loses its status to the Sienna.