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'Apple just f***** over online music subs for the iPhone' -- co-founder on Apple's 30% cut (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 8:06AM There is language in Apple's documentation that suggests streaming services might be excluded from paying the 30% cut. We (Macworld) have put in requests for comment on clarifying these boundaries.

The Daily for iPad updated with new feature: It crashes more frequently now (

Feb 8th 2011 4:14PM 111 million people all learned about The Daily at once on Sunday. About 15 million of them own iPads. That's a massive traffic dump all of a sudden, and not even Apple can handle that large of a flood.

There are reasons for software to suddenly flip out like this. A little bit of research and reaching out would go a long way towards creating actual understanding and providing useful information for a post like this.

And 40 seconds is that much of a problem? Really? Or even 90 seconds? Has the first world really become that... first world?

AT&T increases tethering plan by 2 GB, still charges way too much (

Feb 3rd 2011 8:24AM You're comparing one US carrier among many against many carriers in another country.

As sad and backwards as it is, tethering costs extra *in the US.* Verizon charges for it, so does Sprint. That's how it works *in the US.*

And if you look at the details, AT&T is coming out ahead in one big way: when you add tethering on Verizon, for example, you get a 2GB bucket on top of your existing data plan. But that 2GB *is all you get for tethering*—if you go over that 2GB, you start getting charged $20/1GB.

On AT&T, if you go over the extra 2GB, you start dipping into the other 2GB available in your phone's the DataPro plan before incurring overage charges. Which, by the way, are $10/1GB on AT&T.