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Android launcher showdown: LauncherPro, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher and QuickDesk (Download Squad)

Jan 28th 2011 5:59PM Please don't let this guy write any more opinion articles. Launcher Pro is great for grandmothers and 14 year old girls who want there widgets. If you don't want to slow your phone down with crap and want awesome customization, go with ADW. And if you can't figure out/know about the all the launcher features, you should not be writing an "unbiased" opinion about these things as your profile suggests.

I am not a random anonomys internet troll. My real name and twitter are easily found. Please let me know if you disagrree. For example, Zeam is built off of ADW code for Christ sake! Then again, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.