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British royal family announces iOS and Android wedding app (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 2:12PM @Matthew Badsey Why do people care about an inbred messed up French family who have no job but to exist and their only achievement in life is their inheritance?

Winamp 1.0 for Android review: now with free MP3 downloads and streaming (Download Squad)

Mar 11th 2011 10:04AM Just downloaded it! Thanks Sebastian!

How to block specific friends from reading a Facebook status update (Download Squad)

Mar 9th 2011 10:19PM Life is so much simpler when you dont use Facebook

Yahoo shuts down MyBlogLog, a $10 mil purchase you never heard of (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2011 11:36AM Oh God please make Yahoo buy Facebook.

'Windows On Speed': A comprehensive guide on speeding up your OS (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 12:53PM Completely agree. I did a partition of 25GB and I have 0 games and I am still full. I have to do installs on the second partition now.

Great guide though.

VMware put an Android in your Android, so you can VM while you VM (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 12:31AM Best title ever. Best picture ever.

But I wonder. My android phone can hardly keep up with my extensive usage and lags at times. Doing this would probably give it a heart attack.

What are the first applications you install on a new computer? (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2011 3:20PM @Thomas Houston
Not that many actually. I made the mistake of installing too many extensions on Firefox years ago and (although it was my fault) it soured my likeness for FF since it became unusably slow and I switched to IE (I know, I know) till Chrome came out.

Here are the ones I have now:
"Android2Cloud" and "Chrome to Phone" for moving links back and forth from my phone to the desktop
Google Mail Checker
Keyboard Navigation (gives you letters next to links on a page and you can choose a link without using a mouse)
Linkclump (work related only, opens multiple Links at a time...right click, drag box, and it opens all links in the box on seperate tabs)

What are the first applications you install on a new computer? (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2011 12:13PM I just reinstalled my OS two days ago. The very first thing I did was Chrome. I assumed Ninite would give me the stable build and I wanted the Dev build. Same for Mozilla.

Followed by Ninite: Opera, Skype, Pidgin, itunes (necessary evil), Songbird, VLC, Picasa, Sumatra PDF (trying first time), MS Essentials, Flash, Silverlight, Java, .net. Dropbox, Filezilla

And then it was time for other favorites like Zune, Dexpot, Teamviewer, Directx, Chrome plugins, Rainmeter with Omnimo, Soluto and probably a few others I can't remember.

If I had to choose just one? Chrome Chrome Chrome!

So You've Failed -- Masterclash and Asylum Say Goodbye (Asylum)

Jan 27th 2011 10:51PM I liked this site. I'll miss you guys. No, really.