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Ask TUAW video edition: Playing video formats (TUAW.com)

Jan 25th 2011 8:49PM I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm new to TUAW and can't seem to get my avatar image uploaded. It says it's uploaded but it never displays the image. Was there anything special you had to do? Do you have to have a certain amount of posts before they will display your avatar? I've tried to research this myself and couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.

Zynga acquires Drop7 developer Area/Code (TUAW.com)

Jan 22nd 2011 5:56PM No I did not know that. Thanks Jim, I'll give that a try.

Evernote gains 40,000 new users thanks to Mac App Store (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2011 5:46PM Evernote is an AMAZING app. If it could just fix some of their formatting issues (whole paragraph goes to bold) it would be a PERFECT app.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is significantly faster than 2008/2004 (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2011 5:38PM SO much faster! I pretty much gave up on Office and started to use iWork because it was so painfully slow. Office 2011 is still slower at startup than iWork, but the enhanced features over iWork makes it worth the slightly shorter wait.

Zynga acquires Drop7 developer Area/Code (TUAW.com)

Jan 22nd 2011 5:05PM Yes, I love Words With Friends, but it's too buggy. I have a game that is frozen and there's no way to end it except to delete the entire app and reinstall (which will then lose all my other games). Very frustrating waiting for an update.

Zynga acquires Drop7 developer Area/Code (TUAW.com)

Jan 21st 2011 8:45PM Test
(sorry, just setting up an account)